Kubus Pittza
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Posted by Angela Dias

1 Arabic Roti
3-4 Tbsp of Tomato Paste or sauce
1 egg
3-4 Tbsp 0f Grated Cheese
Finely chopped or sliced onion
1 Tsp chopped green chilly (if necessary)
3-4 Tbs diced Tomato
Salt & Pepper
Little butter or margarine

Apply butter or margarine on the back of the Arabic roti.
Beat the egg with a little salt & pepper coat the top of the roti with a half of it.
Spread slices of onion, tomato.
Coat it well with tomato sauce or paste and then with the rest of egg.
Cover the top with cheese.
Put into an oiled pan and bake it in a moderate oven or fry both sides carefully on a stove for about 15 min.

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