Salted Beef
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Posted by malcolm kaviratne

This i have tried and is really good. The ingreidents are available in U.S.A. So sorry for people in Sri Lanka. This even taste good with Mutton.

Morton Tender quick (see in the rack with Salt)
slab of beef( choose a slab with no fat. fat do not taste good in this)

Wash the beef. Dry it thoroughly with paper towels. Take a long handled fork and skew(stab) it thoroughly both sides. Sprinkle the Morton Tender Quick and skew it again. Turn over and do the same again. If you can roll the beef slab into a roll and tie with a string.

Put this into a deep dish and keep in the fridge for 3 days (not in the deep freezer). Take it out and put in a deep pan and slow boil for 2 hours (or as needed). Can also cook in a Pressure cooker for 4 minutes (if you keep more it will be more tender and will just break off). The meat will break off like strings.

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