fried kangkong with cuttlefish
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Posted by rupa on December 30, 19107 at 18:04:42:

400g kankong
150g dried cuttlefish
20g dried prawns
2.5cm piece of shrimp paste
4-6 shallots
4cloves garlic
5fresh red chilles
6tablespoons cooking oil
salt to taste

1. pluck off kangkong leaves and tender parts. set aside.
2. Wash and drain kangkong .
3.pound shallots,garlic and red chillies into a paste.
4. add shrimp paste and dried prawns and continue to pound.
5. wash cuttlefish and cut in to desired sizes.
6. add oil to heated frying pan.
7. fry paste for 4-5 minutes, until oil seeps through.
8. add in cuttlefish and fry for five minutes.
9. add in the kangkong and fry for another 1-2 minutes.
10. season to taste with salt.
11. serve hot with white rice.

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