Baked Veal & Pork
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Posted by C. Xavier on January 21, 19107 at 20:53:29:

1 chunk of veal or pork
1 table spoonful olive oil
1 tblspful black pepper powder...this may vary if you want to keep it mild
salt to taste
a little of herbs (basil/thyme/oregano if its for veal)
1 tblspful soy sauce
1 tblspful tomato sauce
1 tblspful Balsam vinegar
a little lemon or lime juice with a little sugar which is optional
1 teaspful ground roasted chilli powder if you want it to be hot and spicy
2 thin slices of ginger crushed
2 or 3 cloves of garlic crushed
1/4 tsp cinnamon powder
a pinch of cardomom and cloves powder

Take a good chunk of veal or pork. Remove all fat and tissue if there is any. Wash and marinate with olive oil and all other ingredients given above. Keep it in the fridge covered for about 2 hours or more. When it is ready bake it at 350 degrees F or if you like, grill it.
Additional Hint:
If you use veal, put strips of pork criss-cross on the veal and tie with a string, before baking.
Serve with mashed potato or hot rice and a green salad. Enjoy !!!! Print this recipe       Email this recipe

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