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Posted by Roy Welikala on August 24, 19104 at 15:47:43:

Ingredients. for SIX PORTIONS
1200 grams chicken or two smaller birds whole or chopped into large pieces. Chicken thighs and legs would do just fine.
Four cups white Basmathi Rice, wash, drain dry and leave to soak for one hour.
Four medium to large tomatoes chopped to 1/2" size pieces.
Two or three medium to large B/Onions chopped to 1/2" side chunks.
Three or Four Dried lemons
One to 1-1/2 tablespoon Curry powder
Six Cardamoms lightly crushed and 4-5 bulbs of cloves.
1 teaspoon full red chili powder (Optional)

Place chicken in deep cooking pan with adequate water to cover pieces. Add salt to taste, place two whole dry lemons, cardamom, cloves and cover pan. leave on medium heat to cook.

Place another pan on the oven on medium heat with some Margarine. vegetable shortenings or cooking oil. Add the onions tomato, dried lemon curry powder and chili and let simmer in covered pan.

When chicken is cooked transfer the meat to the pan with onions and tomatoes and allow to simmer.

Place the rice into the chicken broth water and allow to boil making sure there is sufficient liquid to allow the rice to boil. When rice is boiled and ready to serve, place the rice on large serving dish and spread the contents of the chicken on top to cover the spread of rice.

Garnish with sliced lemon. Spring onions, or celery. (Optional)

A salad of carrots, cucumber, lettuce, onions as a side dish would be an excellent compliment. Enjoy it . This is for you. Print this recipe       Email this recipe

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