Garlic Shrimp in yourget
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Posted by Roy Welikala on August 24, 19104 at 15:36:40:

100 grams shrimp
1/2 cup youget
4 medium bulbs garlic crushed to a paste
I medium shalot or onion chopped to 1/4" size pieces.
4 Green chillies chopped fine
1/2 tea spoon sugar
1 medium size lemon (Juice)
Salt and black pepper to taste.
A little fresh Mint, Corrinder leaves or Parsley, chopped fine.

Clean and open out the shrimp along top to spread out. add tauch of salt black pepper and lemon juice and leave to marinate for 10 minutes.

Place sauce pan on medium fire with little olive oil or vegetable oil and let it cook for a few minutesor until brown. Add the garlic paste to the onions and leave to simmer for a minute or slightly longer, Add the sugear, remaining lemon juice, Drop the shrimp into the pan and cook until shrimp turn pink. shut off the fire and add the yourget and green chilly. place into serving dish and use the mint, corrinder or parlsey that is finely chopped to garnish and serve with white rice or bread.

For Sri Lankans who can eat more chilly hot a little ginger can be added with the garlic to flavor. Enjoy this its yours. Print this recipe       Email this recipe

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