Beef with capsicums
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Posted by Mishelle on March 28, 19104 at 01:05:01:

500 grams beef washed wish viniger
1 big red onion
2 green chillies
4 psc cardomons
4 psc cloves
2 psc garlics
a psc of ginger
a psc of cinnamon
a table spoon of viniger
about 2 capsicums
a few curry leaves and rampe

grind the ginger and the garlic before adding it in u can also use a little sojasause and a tomato for extra flavour.

After you have washed the beef, mix a little viniger, termeric, curry powder, and a little chilli powder, mix all well and leave for about 10 minutes. Put a little oil in the pan and add the beef. Let is fry a little before adding the rest, slowly add the given ingridients one by one and stir well (u can add salt in the beef before putting it in....add salt for the capsicums later).

Cut the capsicums lenghtwise add a little salt, when adding the capsicums add the cut tomato as well (about one tomato would do), stir well till it becomes dark brown you can either leave it a dry fry or you can use coconut milk.
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