Cabbage Rose
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Posted by PREETHI PANDITHASEKERA on January 31, 19104 at 16:04:21:


One cabbage steamed for 15 minutes.


500 gms. boiled minced meat
50 gms green-peas
2 cooked eggs (chopped)
250 gms. boiled cubed carrots
1/2 tsp. aji-no-moto
350 gms. boiled cubed potato and
Pepper and salt to taste

For Sauce:

One dsp. Corn flour blended in a little milk,
One pint milk
25gms. Margarine
One dsp grated cheese
Pepper and salt to taste

Mix together all ingredients and cook stirring till thick. Mix the filling ingredients, and remove from heat.

Steam the cabbage steam side down for 15 minutes. (Choose a cabbage with loosely packed leaves). Stuff each leaf with a table spoon of filling and fold the leaves outwards continue till all the filling is used. Garnish with Potato cream and cubed tomato.

Potato cream:

250 gms boiled sieved potato
25 gms margarine
1/4 tsp. salt

Cream all ingredients together.
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