Stuffed Meat Roll
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Posted by PREETHI PANDITHASEKERA on January 29, 19104 at 09:24:23:

750gms. minced meat (raw)
1 egg beaten
2 tsp. mustard powder
2 tsp kitchen sauce

Mix the above ingredients together and season with pepper and salt to taste.

500 gms Potatoes
100 gms celery (chopped)
250 gms onion (chopped)
1 large capsicum (chopped)
1 carrot (chopped)
a little butter
1 egg beaten

Mehtod: Boil and mash potatoes and leave a little for garnishing. Fry the onions in butter till tender. Add chopped celery, capsicum and the carrot.

Next mix the mashed potatoes and enough pepper and salt and chillie powder. Remove pan and cool.

Then add the beaten egg and mix well.

Spread the meat mixture on an oil paper to a rectangle 8"x10" leaving a margin right round. Spread the stuffing on this and roll this with the end of paper.

Gently slip the roll on to a buttered dish in a moderate oven till done. 30-40 mts.

Garnishing: 2 hard - boiled eggs 1small lettuce, and two tomatoes.

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