Mung Eta Kiribath
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Posted by Hareendra Dissa Bandara

Mung Eta Kiribath

1 portion of Mung Eta
3-4 portion of white rice
Cream of 1 coconut or Milk (thick - about 1-2 cup for 4 cups of rice)
salt to taste

Clean and wash the Mung eta and rice. Put the Mung eta in a pan, and add some water to cover mun to boil them. Cover the lid and cook the the Mun first as Mung is little harder than rice. Once the Mung is boiled (before completely coocked) add rice and cook under low heat. When the rice and Mung mixure is almost done, mix salt with milk or coconut milk and add to the mixure then stir and cook for another few minutes.

Now you can put hot Mung Eta Kiribath on to a platter and flatten it using flat spoon. Cut it into squares or any shape you wish and serve with, Lunu Miris, Seeni Sambol or Juggery.

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