Olive Rice
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Posted by P. Weerathunga on December 24, 19105 at 17:28:14:

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750g Long Grain Basmathi Rice
4 tablespoons pure Olive oil
4 pods Garlic (chopped finely)
1 medium sized Big oinion (chopped finely)
3/4 teaspoon Cummin seeds (Suduru)
2" piece of cinnamon
2 each of seedless Olives (blackand green)
fresh corriander leaves

Wash Rice, add a little salt to tase and boil it until rice is cooked in a Rice Cooker or any preferred way. The rice should not be over boiled.

In a pan heat the Olive oil and add the chopped oinions, when turns pale brown add the chopped garlic stir constantly and add the peice of cinnamon and the Cummin seeds and stir for 30 seconds. Take off from fire and add the mixture to the hot boiled rice. Mix well and cover and keep for about an hour so that the onions and garlic become tender.

Serve in a Rice plate and decorate with thinly sliced olives and few fresh corriander leaves.

Good for the festive season to be served with a nice hot meat curry and pickled vegetables (Sinhala Achchaaru).
This is a healthy meal as we are using olive oil instead of Ghee, Butter or Magarine.
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