Gee rice
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Posted by Dimuth jayasinghearachchi on May 09, 19104 at 07:22:37:

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1 kg basmathi rice
4 table spoons of gee
2 leave of rumpe
few curry leans
8-10 pepper cons
2 big bomby onions, sliced
2 pnt of chicken or vegitable stock
pinch of saffran
salt to taste
1 brinjaul cut in tho strips

heat a pan and add gee, when its somking add all, starting form rumpe and curry leaves, finaly add rice and the stock, and nessary amount of water, when the water level and the rice level same, reduce the heat and cover the pot, cook untill the rice done. Decorate with fried birnjauls sprinkling on top. Print this recipe       Email this recipe

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