Sri Lankan Rotti
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Posted by Kush Nagodawithana on March 27, 19103 at 17:56:17:


? 400g flour (2 1/2 - 3 cups)
? 1/2 cup coconut scraped
? 3 teaspoons salt water
? 1/2 cup cold water


? 6 sliced red onions
? 2 dry chilies cut
? Tablespoon butter/margarine


Mix together in a bowl; sieved flour, scraped coconut, and salt water. Add cold water and mix to a suitable consistency that will not stick to the bowl. If desired add the sliced onions and cut dry chilies. Make 6-8 equal balls.

Grease wax paper with a little butter. Flatten an even, round rotti. Apply butter to surface.

Heat pan with stove and bake the rotti on it. When one side is baked, turn over to the other side and brown.

Serve with sambol, curry, butter, or jam.


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