Chapathi (Punjabi Roti)
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Posted by Sarjit Wijesuriya on November 27, 19100 at 14:34:33

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500 grams ( half Kg) Atta Flour
2 Table Spoon of QBB Ghee or Margarine
Some atta flour for dusting while rolling
Salt normally not added, you may add if you wish.
A mixing bowl to mix the flour
A flat metal spoon to turn the roti.
A thick metal plate for cooking.(Thawa)
If plate not available cook on a nonstick Pan.

Place the flour in the bowl,add water little at a time mixing it all the time by hand. Add little ghee to prevent sticking to hand and to make it mix well.Do not put too
much water or it will not be possible to roll. The flour must knead to a nice dough(not too hard , not too soft). make the dough into balls of about 5cm Diam. Each roll dust with atta flour and shape on the palm to a round
roti of about 4 inch round , dust again and then roll to about 6 inches round, a thickness like a pattie pastry, using a wooden roller. Use atta flour for dusting while rolling to prevent sticking.

Place the roti on a Hot plate,turn after 10seconds. turn again to cook other side till cooked and turn again
for a few seconds .On the whole the roti must not be turned more than three times,or the roti will become like biscuit.

A little practice is necessary to master this simple wholesome nutricious inexpensive food.This is
excellent food (Wholesome Carbohydrates with
ibre.) Nice to eat when warm. If you want to keep it warm wrap it in a clean cloth and keep in air tight box.

This is ideal for dinner with thick veg curry , or dhal curry. No oil is added when cooking. The little fat
is added to knead the Atta Flour well.

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