Rice & Beans
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Posted by Marie Williams

1 Cup uncle Ben Rice
1 can of black Beans or Red Kidney Beans
1 stalk of celery, chopped
1 large Onion, chopped
1 large Tomato, chunked
1 cube of Maggie chicken soup
1 pack of tomato paste
1 bell pepper or capsicum red or any other color
salt & pepper to taste
2 table spoon full Olive or vegetable oil
Garlic & ginger
2 c Water.

Wash and soak rice for about 15 minutes.
In a sauce pan (recommend you to get a large pan) put oil and then add onion let it fry for a minute and add the bell pepper, celery, tomato.
Fry for another minute.
Add the beans with the liquid, chicken soup cube, ginger and garlic.
Cook for about 5 minutes.
Add the rice and 2 cups of water to the pan and cook until rice is cooked.

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