Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice)
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Posted by Nishitha Ilanderage

1 shallot
1 garlic
1 red chili (seeded)
1/2 teaspoon toasted belacan (terasi)
1/2 teaspoon palm sugar
1/2 tablespoon kecap manis
8 oz. leftover rice
1 fried egg (well done)
2 tablespoons oil

Break the overnight/leftover rice using the back of a spoon to remove the clumps.
In a wok, toast the belacan on low heat until it becomes dry and aromatic.
Toasted belacan should be somewhat powdery and appear like tiny granules.
Fry an egg (well-done) and set aside.
Using a mortar and pestle or a mini food processor, blend the shallot, garlic, red chili, and toasted belacan.
Transfer the blended flavoring paste into a small saucer.
Heat up a wok and add oil. Add the flavoring paste and stir-fry until aromatic or till the oil separates.
Add the rice to the wok and stir well with the flavoring paste.
Add kecap manis and palm sugar to the rice and continue to stir-fry and make sure that they are well blended with the rice.
Dish out, top the nasi goreng with the fried egg and serve immediately.

In Indonesia, Nasi goreng is often served with various sides such fried prawn crackers, fresh vegetables such as lettuce, sliced cucumber, and sliced tomatoes. However, you can just make it plain like I did. I also love sliced red chili dipped in kecap manis as a condiment. It's great with the fried egg!

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