Chicken Pilau
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Posted by Esther Setungamudali

3lbs. roasting chicken
1 level tbsp.curry powder
3 oz. butter/ghee for rice
3 oz. butter
1/2 lb. onions peeled and sliced
salt to taste
curry leaves, 6 cloves, one stick cinnamon, piece of rampe
1/2 level tsp. turmeric powder
1 lb basmati / long grain rice
2 pints chicken stock
4oz. raisins
2 oz. salted cashews
2 large hard boiled eggs (shelled)

1) Wash and wipe the chicken,put it into a roasting pan and spread the butter over the legs and breast of the chicken. Then sprinkle the chicken with curry powder and salt.
2) Roast the chicken in the oven(400F) for 1 1/2 hours, until tender. Baste the chicken several times, so that the curry powder penetrate the chicken.
3) Fry the onion in butter until golden brown, stir in rampe and curry leaves, cloves, cinnamon stick and turmeric. Rinse rice in water, add to pan and when it has absorbed the fat pour in the stock
4) Season the mixture then cook slowly in a covered pan, stirring it occasionally until the rice has absorbed all the stock and feels soft.Add the raisins and cashews.
5) remove chicken from the tray and stir curry flavored dripping into the rice. Using a sharp knife and a pair of scissors, cut the chicken into nine pieces. Turn the rice into a serving dish and nestle the chicken pieces on top of the rice with the eggs cut in two.

Accompaniments: Mint sambol/ pineapple salad.

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