The Lotus Villa Ayurvedha Centre is now open to locals

treat.jpg (10054 bytes)by Prasad Gunewardene
The Lotus Villa Ayurvedic Centre at Ahungalle which treats foreigners for many ailments as we told last week, have now decided to open its doors to the locals. Peter Huber, the Chairman of the Centre who gained faith in the system being fully cured by Ayurveda treatment says that Sri Lankans should place their faith in their own medicines as Ayurveda gave permanent csure. Peter suffered three strokes and was paralysed. He turned his restaurant in this Centre to treat foreigners. An Austrian national, Peter says he could save many lives in danger in Sri Lanka which includes breast cancer at initial stage. "Ayurveda stimulates and maintains vitality with curing power performing capability of body and mind upto old age", Peter Huber claimed.

The Centre discusses the ailment with close diagnosis effectively to plan out the duration of treatment. A fully equipped centre with a herbal drug manufacturing plant, a pharmacy and several Ayurvedic specialists takes very close care of the patients. An expert Yoga specialist, Wasantha Manamperi, an Engineer by profession is ready to give physical and mental satisfaction who prefer the Yoga system. Last week we listed out the kind of ailments treated at this centre. They begin from problems in the spinal cord, Rheumatism, Sexual Disorders, Asthma, Bronchitis, Bladder Stones, Gut, Stomach and migraine to other problems.

lunch.jpg (16673 bytes)Dr. Mrs. Waidyawansa of the Centre, an experienced physician who has served the state sector for three decades say that meals are an important factor for patients who are treated in the ayurvedic system." We provide meals according to the diagnosis of each patient and the samples are on display before the patients come for meals", she explained. It was lunch time for patients and I saw nearly fifteen foreign patients arriving at the lunch room Their meals were different from each other. However, they seemed to enjoy it as patients. Even noodles are prepared to ayurvedic systems. There are specially trained cooks to prepare them at this centre which has a staff of 82. Regular cooking classes are conducted for cooks as doctors prescribe different meals according to their diagnosis on the bed tickets. The Ayurvedic system of Vata, Pitta and Kapha is used to diagnosed the ailments which is a science that governs body and mind process according to that belief. The initial treatment is Panchakarma a system of purification. An expert translator works round the clock to help the doctor and the patient.

The centre also provides many other facilities. Head massages, facial massages and herbal baths, herbal steam baths, inhalations, special massages from the doctor treating the patient. Oils and herbs applied during treatment are absolutely ayurvedic. Experienced and specialised male and female masseurs with wide knowledge are entrusted with the task of massaging under supervision of an executive. Once treatment is completed a list of food to follow up is prescribed. Such foods are available in the markets without problem for the patient. The doctors are made available for any query after discharge. Occasional departure from the prescription is viewed as not being much harmful as the Centre fully cures the patient before discharge. Ayurvedha system believes that the period of cure may be upto six weeks per patient if the patient lives ayurvedically. "It may differ at times with other", Dr. H. G. Sriyani an House Officer said.

The Lotus Villa Ayurvedha Centre is now open to locals. It’s located at Ahungalla, Waturegama near the beach in an attractive location. It has a friendly working staff that gives deep internal pleasure and satisfaction to those who come for treatment. A fresh water pool with the sea breeze will give more comfort. The close acqaintance and rapport between the patient, doctor and the staff has been the success of cure at this centre. Locals can seek treatment at this centre. Go to Ahungalle and ask where the Lotus Villa Centre and you’ll be taken there in no time. - (Concluded)