Dancer turned actress

star.jpg (18654 bytes)by Sanjeevi Jayasuriya
Right now, she’s scaling the showbiz thermometer. With good looks intelligence and confidence, her screen presence is stunning.

Kanchana in person is an unassuming simple girl the kind who is generally referred to as ‘Plain June’ or girl next door. But on screen she has this compelling power to mesmerise the audience. She gets immersed in the character she portrays, to use her own words "I am happy to be an actress. This is the medium I want to be in".

by Sanjeevi Jayasuriya

The teledrama ‘Suba Anagathayak’ is a turning point for young and versatile teleactress Kanchana Mendis.

At the tender age of 12, performing in Dharmasena Pathiraja’s ‘Suba Anagathayak’ turned her childhood dream into a reality. It did not take a long time for Kanchana to scale the height of popularity and to make a name in films and the small screen.

She is now working on a film by Bandula Sooriyabandara and a teledrama ‘Wassane Hiru Avidin’. She had become one of the most popular artistes much sought after in the world of art. She describes herself as a film lover and a dancer turned into an actress.

Kanchana, though her family do not have anyone involved in the performing arts, has their backing in her every move. "My family has been giving all the support and encouragement and they have helped me a lot of my success" said Kanchana.

"They stood by me whenever I needed them and they

are a tower of strength" says Kanchana.

She had acted in over 35 teledramas and ten films and loves to continue acting in films. She also acted in Richard Manawadu’s stage drama ‘Ananga Bambaru’.

Kanchana’s combination of talents coupled with good looks blend perfectly well in her career. She has acted in multi faceted roles.

Her winning performance in ‘Rajya Sevaya Pinisai’ earned her the Presidential Award for the best supporting actress in the state film festival.

Her special roles in ‘Derana’, ‘Sathi Pooja’, ‘Bindena Benduma’, ‘Ambu Daruwo" and ‘Sawsiri Uyana’ depicts her creativity and maturity as an actress s.

"An award means a lot to an artiste. It shows that their performances are appreciated. But the awards should conform to a set of standards and quality; If not it will destroy the morality and value of an award" says Kanchana.

"An award is a yardstick by which the popularity of an actor is assessed I feel my fans be it young or old can realistically assess my acting capabilities. It is important to strike right on our roles so that it can etch in their memory" says Kanchana.

This young actress feels that she has another three to four years to fully devote her time for her acting career. Thereafter she plans to settle down with the right partner as she consider acting is only a part of a life. She has many plans about her future.

She can mesmerise her viewers with her acting talent. Kanchana respect art and consider it as a gift of god. She has made a name in her acting career but she feels that she has a long way to go.

She feels that in timeto come she should make a career in advertising, so that her future will be secured.