Geetha Kanthi Jayakody
An unassuming actress

by Sanjeevi Jayasuriya
A child radio artiste with tremendous talent for singing and radio play acting, today has become one of leading actresses.

Geetha Kanthi Jayakody, is one among our well known artistes, especially in performing tele dramas.

Today, many enter the field of entertainment and before long unfortunately they fade off. This is not the case with Geetha Kanthi, who began as a child artiste singing over the then Radio Ceylon’s ‘Lama Pitiya’ and ‘Handamama’ children’s programme and later enjoyed popularity as a supporting singer in ‘Saraswathi Mandapaya’ accompanying leading singers like Niranjala, Malini, Damayanthi Jayasuriya. Geetha Kanthi learned music under the guidance of Nanda Malini and B. Victor Perera.

"I still like to sing but there is hardly any time or an opportunity to do so. First I wanted to become a singer," she says.

She was involved in dramas produced by Sugathapala de Silva and popular radio plays such as ‘Vajira’, ‘Muwan Pelessa’ and ‘Lanka Kathawa’. She contributed to these plays still in her school uniform.

The major break in her up and coming career was when she was selected for R. R. Samarakoon’s ‘Kelani Palama’ where playing the character of ‘Surangani’, she won public acclaim gaining recognition as an actress with a bright future and she has proved this now beyond any doubt.

"My mother’s encouraging support for me in my new interest helped me greatly in my career", says Geetha Kanthi.

She still has fond memories of the characters she performed, especially, in ‘Surangani’ in ‘Kelani Palama’ which was the platform for her progress as an actress.

The first film she took part in was ‘Ridee Nimnaya’ by D. B. Nihalsinghe, followed by playing various charcters in many other films including ‘Pooja’ by Dharmasiri Gamage which won her an award for the best actress. She also won an award for her performance in the teledrama ‘Sekku Gedara’.

The number of teledramas, Geetha Kanthi acted is a long list and it includes ‘Ran Doratuwa’, Yashorawaya’, ‘Himagiri Arana’, ‘Wanni Hamilage Katawa’ and ‘Kalu Hansayo’.

Working as a producer in the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) which demanded much of her time, robbed her of time to perform in films and teledramas.

However, Geetha Kanthi continued acting in some teledramas and films despite her busy schedule, she acted in films ‘Hondin Nathnam Narakin’, ‘Chandi Raja’ and ‘Sanda Rekha’.

It was a pleasant surprise for her when she was informed that she had won an award at the Sumathi Tele Awards. Till the last moment Geetha Kanthi was not sure whether the award for herself or for her daughter Pabodha Sandeepani who was in her peak in acting at that time. All her doubts were unfounded when it was confirmed the award was for her as the best supporting actress in ‘Kemmura’ teledrama by Malini Fonseka and Lucky Dias.

She always encourages her daughter who in her opinion is more talented than her to continue in the art.

"It is not everyone who can act. Those who are talented must make the best use of their talents and others must encourage them. I advice and guide my daughter.

I feel proud as a mother to have a beautiful and talented daughter like her," says Geetha Kanthi.

This pleasant, unassuming actress is now popular among the audience in the small screen.

Her contributions on stage, films and teledramas have ensured her a place in the world of arts.