Roshan Pilapitiya makes an indelible mark on local cinema

roshan.jpg (14659 bytes)by Sanjeevi Jayasuriya
Right now, he’s cruising merrily. Ever since his debut in "Disco Girl" Roshan Pilapitiya has emerged on the showbiz radar making a indelible mark on local cinema.

Right at this moment, all’s well in Roshan’s world. He’s toplined quite a few hits - Dr. Sunil Ariyaratne’s ‘Sudu Sewanali’, ‘Sanda Yahanata’, ‘Ginigat Madusamaya’, etc.

"My career is going just fine, he reassures, me, I am thrilled with the roles I’m getting" agreed they aren’t earth shattering hits, but within the framework of filmgoers.

He shrugs nonchalantly and says "These days I am in a dilemma" he says. There are two films running to packed houses in parallel one artistic and the other commercial. In "Sudu Sewanali" I do a serious role compromising on the artistic calibre while the other is "Kama Sutra" with the adults only tag which in my view will put my fans on a different perspective.

"Really I don’t want to be slotted as a bad character guy. He blanches at the fact that the original name of ‘Kama Sutra’,was ‘Mangala Mudda’ (Wedding Ring). It was changed later mainly to attract crowds. As a result I am in an embarrassing position," he complains.

He explains "As long as the audience loves watching my films and my films do well I’m happy. The bottom line is that I should win the confidence of my fans," he says emphatically. "In this particular case I was helpless, the director has to collect his dues, so the name was changed to attract the crowd" says Roshan.

He explains as long as the audience loves watching my films that matters to me most. This film has put me into and embarrassing position, I am helpless and I hope my fans would understand why I took the offer, says Roshan with much regret.

He learnt modesty early in life "I was a good actor in school" he said. ‘At school my schoolmates would be awed by my acting talent. I was encouraged to act in stage dramas and I did pretty well. I used to enjoy their attention’.

Does he enjoy acting? He grins "Acting has been in my blood and it has gave me recognition" I have no regrets in my film career.

Walking down memory lane Roshan is happy that he pursued acting as a career. When I was in school I had to come to Colombo for stage dramas. Constant travelling to Colombo for performances gave me the impetus to opt for acting after my schooling and to make the right connection".

His friendly disposition coupled with good looks give him the necessary plus points to merge into the fabric of any film he chooses to take up.

Technically, too Roshan is an extremely competent actor. Very much aware of camera position and cinematic design, he is able to subtly choreograph his stances and movements so that his presence blends into the fabric of the scene being shot.

The world of art was no stranger to him. His mother Mallika Pilapitiya, who was a leading actress in our then cinema, was a source of inspiration to Roshan.

Blessed with the creativity of his mother, Roshan have effortlessly intertwined to earn a name in the film industry with a number of films ‘Sanda Yahanata’, ‘Ginigat Madusamaya’, ‘Sudu Sewaneli’, ‘Kama Sutra’,. His performances are seen in the mini screen too. Tele dramas such as ‘24 Wana Horawa’, ‘Issaraha Gedara’, ‘Sooriya Daruwo’ and many others thus Roshan has won instant recognition.

While schooling Roshan had the opportunity to perform in ‘Golu Hadawatha’ a tele drama by Lester James Peiris. This was an pathfinder for his many opportunities in acting, which now has became Roshan’s passion.

Today, the trend is to produce comedy and sex films, performers are not left much to do. The film industry is at the crossroads and producers are in a dilemma as to how the money invested in films should earn a quick return. This is why some of the producers opt to produce films under the ‘Adults Only’ tag, said Roshan.

His inborn talents are not confined to acting. He has gone a long way in the musical world, too. Roshan’s first cassette will be released by the end of this year. One of his songs already telecast on ‘Nadun Uyana’ a popular TV programme has won the applause of many.

When asked about plans for marriage, he quipped. "There are no immediate plans to settle down. I am young, I want to contribute to the world of cinema," said this budding actor.

So what’s his final take on life? To satisfy his fans and to bring out the best in his acting skills. While frenzied female fans would die for a moment’s meeting with him the cool dude believes in being himself and lives by his own rules.