From humble beginnings to great heights

star.jpg (22018 bytes)Semini Iddamalgoda has many facets to her credit. She’s a successful actress having carved a niche for herself in the small screen. Her most striking feature is a certain simplicity, which is most appealing. A down- to- earth person, she speaks with passion and warmth which is infectious. She said" I consider myself fortunate as I came to acting without any one in the family being involved in the field."

She radiates charm and builds up a rapport with those whom she comes into contact.

by Sanjeevi Jayasuriya
A choice appearance in a calendar opened up unexpected avenues of progress and popularity for Semini Iddamalgoda. The slim and attractive ordinary village lass had no idea that she would be able to come into the limelight and live in the hearts of thousands of Sri Lankans and be catapulted into fame through the celluloid media. Her appearance, in a calendar, courtesy Athula Mahawalage and her wedding photograph became the turning point in her life.

In 1994, ‘Irabata Taruwa’, a tele drama produced by Sriyani Amarasena needed an actress to perform a childhood character in the tele drama. The search did not take long, for in a flash she recalled, the pretty girl Semini’s wedding picture and suggested the opportunity to Semini for her consent. Semini did not hesitate but jumped at the idea, as from her childhood she has been hoping that some day she will take to the stage and the screen.

With a natural flair for acting within a short time, Semini’s talents blossomed and she became a versatile actress portraying many roles. Her entering the world of art, appears to be an event of destiny to ensure name and fame for her.

One could consider herself lucky, as her entry to acting came three years after her marriage. Her husband Dhammika, a police officer, was serving in the Hungama Police Station at the time Semini got the chance to act and he readily agreed to allow Semini to accept the offer and she became an instant success in her new career.

It is my determination, hard work and natural skills that helped me to become what I am today", says Semini.

Among the many tele dramas she acted in are "Netra Mangalyaya", "Gini Pupuru", "Abhisamaya" and "Kadupul Mal".

The role in ‘Netra Mangalyaya" as "Punni" produced the best in her. Winning for accolades from her daily increasing fans.

Apart from the tele dramas she had also acted in a few films, like "Rosa Wasanthaya", "Yakada Pihatu" and in another film yet to be named.

Semini is eager to perform in a stage play which she had not yet got an opportunity.

"I do not go after films or tele dramas as I have to perform the role of a wife and a mother, I devote more time for my family and in between my duties accept offers for acting" says Semini.

Her little daughter gets all the love and affection from her mother.

"We have talented and young directors who are in need of a helping hands, who can help boost the film industry in the future.

This young, attractive and talented actress is very critical of the so called "adults only" films now being screened very often. "They are only some unconnected scenes" displaying ‘flesh’ openly for a fast buck", she says.

These films only express the emptiness of such producers. If nudity is necessary to be portrayed in a film, it could be done in a creative manner without tickling the baser side of film fans.

Semini says that in her career she has not sought any influence peddling or favours from anyone. Its luck and my talent that has helped me in my career and to fulfil one of my childhood dreams. Our producers must produce quality films to serve the interests of society.

Works on art be they artistic or commercial should, while providing entertainment also present a positive message. Today some of our productions do not fall into this category.

"I have a long way to go. I have only started in my journey, in the world of art, after three years of my marriage. The response I get is satisfaction and when looking back at my past performances I feel happy about them. I have no regrets for the missed opportunities" says Semini.