Heartthrob of the small screen

teledrama.jpg (14949 bytes)by Sanjeevi Jayasuriya
pic Vidath Jayawardena
Channa Perera has won the hearts of many female fans in reel and real life. A budding actor, he has conquered the world of cinema with a bang. "I consider myself as a fortunate person to be the centre of attraction among the young and the old" says Channa who has portrayed as a lover in many of the roles in the mini series.

A product of Royal College, who has contributed for school dramas Channa had the passion to act from his school days. It was only after the completion of his studies Channa took to serious acting. However Channa has played in.

Acting in ‘Sujatha’, new release and ‘Golu Hadawatha’ a teledrama by Lester James Peiris opened a wider path in his acting career. With 13 years experience in the world of art, Channa has become a performing actor in many of the tele dramas telecast over television. His capabilities are not limited to acting alone. He has shown that he is a versatile director. His telefilm ‘Punchi Weerayo’, a tele series specially for children enriches the young minds. "The task of a director is not easy as he has to be competent. The ability to extract the talents of the performers is the essence of acting. The camera positions and cinematographic designs and the ability to choroegraph the stances and movements to blend into the fabric of the scene being shot is important. Once it is done the satisfaction is priceless" says Channa.

According to him, there is a drawback is the number of films produced. His contributions in films such as ‘Theertha Yathra’, ‘Undaya’ and ‘Sarasavi Diyaniya’ his performances are noteworthy.

He has acted in a number of teledramas. In as ‘Sathpura Wesiyo’, ‘Senehewanthayo’, ‘Sath Mahala’, ‘Sakwa Lihiniyo’ and ‘Sooriya Daruwo’ are best remembered. Channa mentioned with fond memories one of the tele drams he like most. It is ‘Sahas Gaw Dura’ by Anuruddha Jayasinghe. "Here I was able to merge with the role I was acting. He is able to convey a plethora of complex emotions. His effortlessness, the lightness of touch and the spontaneity of his performances enriched any role he has portrayed.

"Our tele drama viwers will experience a different kind of a tele drama in "Wassane Hiru Evidin", which is to be telecast shortly.

Apart from mini screen production, Channa plans to direct a film on his own ‘Punchi Weerayo’ in the near future.

A better part of Channa’s time is devoted for the world of art. He is fortunate to have a very supportive and understanding wife Gayathri, one time small screen actress. Now she is a full time beautician operating a beauty parlour. A loving and caring mother to their four-year-old daughter Maleesha, she encourages her husband in his acting career.

Channa has not forgotten his part of social responsibilities. One of his two optician shops in Nawala Road, Nugegoda offers the artists spectacles at concession rate. "I consider this as services to my fellow artists, although I am financially deprived." Channa also appears in a number of advertisements. He is a versatile actor and has a lot to offer. His heart winning performances and devotion to the world of art would take him a long way. "I have very limited time for my family commitments. Gayathri has become a driving force and with her support and encouragement I have come a long way". Utterly cinematic, spontaneous Channa has the ability to communicate the subtlest of gestures and expressions. He is able to merge into any role he chooses to take up.