By Nishan De Zoyza, Kshemal Pinto, Chandana Wedage, Ben Fernando & Kolitha Jayasekara

Brief Introduction
Sayuru Tharanga is a joint effort of five Sri Lankans who lived in Paris, France, during 1995. Chandana Wedega, a versatile song writer made his contribution with beautiful lyrics. According to Chandana, most of his lyrics represent his real life experience.

Nishantha, the Vocalist and the producer of the CD, himself composed music for most of the songs. Infact before coming to France, Nishantha had played for a couple of Bands in Sri Lanka as a rhythm guitarist.

The Keyboards were played by Kshemal Pinto, an experienced Keyboardist hails from Chilaw. Ben Fernando , our Drummer, also from Chilaw, is someone very well known amongst those who were in to the western music scene during early 80's. Ben had played for "The Howzat"and "Heathrow". I met Ben in Paris and we played together for a shortwhile with "the Breezin'"

What can I say about me. Well music has never been my profession but my obsession. Except for the two years which I played the Lead guitar with the "Honey Guides" and "The Brilliants" ( that was in 1976-78 while I was still a student at the Richmond College, in Galle). I can't talk that much of a musical past. I however believe that I owe some gratitude to my late uncle Wally Bastiansz. He always had time to play us a tune with his violin, when ever he came to see us. He played us the first note of music . And I embraced it. I played the Lead , Bass and the Acoustic guitar for this CD. And composed music for the song "Wev There"

Well , I must also admit that we all were somewhat influenced by the western music and therefor rhythms in this CD might sound a bit unfamiliar . The effectiveness of this joint musical experiment is for yours to decide.

Nishantha, Chandana and Kshemal returned to Sri Lanka. Ben moved to UK and I came to Canada for good. Your comments on CD be posted on Nishan's Facebook "GIHEN NISHAN". I may be reached at

Kolitha Jayasekera
  1. Piyakaru Mangala
  2. Mea Seetha Yaame
  3. Mal Supipi
  4. Maa Pathanaa Looke
  5. Sayuru Tharangaa
  6. Nodaka Sitiya
  7. Maa Wasantha Kaale
  8. Netha Pinawana
  9. Nisala Raye
  10. Wev There