M A T A    M A W A K    L E S I N....... By Dishan Nanayakkara
Brief Introduction
Hi! my name is Dishan Nanayakkara and I live in Canada. I have been writing lyrics for 15 years. My passion for writing lyrics started after my A/L Exams after a bad break up and receiving a poem from a very special person. That poem touched me so much that I FELT what she was saying and replied with a poem, not realizing I had such a creative and talented mind. I was influenced by Mahagama Sekera's lyrics and drank deep from the many wells that Sekera dug in his relentless search for humanity and its appropriate location in human matters. The words I write are about Life, Love and will touch almost any ones' heart.

Currently I am working on my first Lyrics CD. My special thanks go to SOMASIRI MEDAGEDARA, STANLY PERIS, DEEPIKA PRIYADARSHANI, KARUNARATHNA DIVULGANE, LALITH WASANTHA, MUDITHA KUMBUKAGE (at Neco Recording Studio) and CHANDANA WEERASINGE (Ababbaya): without their inspiration I would never have become a song writer.

In 2005 I was represented Sri Lanka in International Lyrics Contest conducted by Laurentian University Canada and the song " Mata Mawak Lesin...." was judged to be in the 24th place out of 70 countries, participated. In Addition I was fortune enough to write the theme song of Maggi teledrama (Ahasai Polowai Muhunwa...nosithu..lesa..) produced by Sriyani Amarasena. Also I was able to write a song to late Millton Malawarachchi for his cassette called "Priya Sadaye" which is yet to be released to the market by the producer of the cassette even though its being 7 years since his death.

I migrated to Canada couple of years ago and has been working here as an IT professional.

I hope you enjoy listening to these songs that were all written by me. I highly appreciate your comments and please mail me at dishan@sympatico.ca If you like to purchase the CD please contact me at dishan@sympatico.ca

Thank you so much!!!

  1. Mata Mawak Lesin by Deepika Priyadarshani & Somasiri Medagedara
  2. Sewanella Obe by Karunaratne Divulgane
  3. Neth Deka by Santha Amarasinghe
  4. Manaaliya Wee by Somasiri Medagedara
  5. Mage Malagama by Somasiri Medagedara
  6. Yali Samarannata by Nirmala Ranathunga
  7. Sanda Thaarakaa by Malka Senaviratne
  8. Jeevithaya Puraa by Malka Senaviratne
  9. Obata Piduu by Samantha Perera
  10. Priye Priye by Rani Lanka
  11. Mechcharai Kiyannata by Bandara Athauda
  12. Epaa Yali Hamuwanna by Sunil Edirisinghe
  13. Duka Kiyannata by Victor Ratnayake