By Deepa Hettige

Brief Introduction
Hi, Music Lovers, this is about Deepa Hettige. She lives in Canada. She Studied in Sri-Lanka, and obtained an LL.B degree in 1980 and Attorney at Law Diploma in 1988. Professionally she was a lawyer, but she always wanted to build up the talents she got from her father Mr. Cyril Hettige.

She improved classical music under Visharada Nanda Malani. She also has a born talent for dance and drama. She has followed workshops organized by Damma Jagoda (stage drama director) and Parakkrama Niriella (Professional film and tele-drama director).

She started working in the SLBC as a P.P.A (Assistant program Producer), as a Producer, and as an announcer for more than 10 years. Also, she participated in more than 100 programs as a “Jana-gee”, “Paddya gayana”, and a radio-drama artist. In addition, she has passed “Sarala-gee” audition in Broad Casting Corporation in 1993.

Her first ten songs were recorded in 1993 and she published them in a CD named “RAN SAMANALA”.

She would like to thank her parents (Mr. Cyril Hettige And Mrs. Prema Hettige), Mr. Edward Jayakody, Mr. Indrawansa Perera, Visharada Nanda Malani, and Sunil Jayasiri.

She hopes that you all enjoy the songs. And she would like to get your concerns and comments, at:

Thank you so much!

  1. TIKIRI SINA (Lyrics: Deepa Hettige Music: Rohana Weerasinghe)
  2. ADARE WEDANA (Lyrics: Sanka Srinad Music: Tissa Siri Perera)
  3. KOPARA KOPARA (Lyrics: Deepa Hettige Music: Tissa Siri Perera Sung with Olbun Perera)
  4. MURUGA SAN WARUSA (Lyrics: Cyril Hettige Music: Rahana Weerisinghe)
  5. HIMA MIDENA SEETHALE (Lyrics: Bandula Nanayakkarawasam Music & Sung with Rohana Weerasinghe)
  6. PAAN KIRITHTHO (Lyrics: DEEPA HETTIGE Music Tissasiri Perera)
  7. NIVI NIVI DIDULANA (Lyrics: DEEPA HETTIGE Music Tissasiri Perera)
  8. AATHA AKASAYE (Lyrics: Shantha Deshabandu Music Tissasiri Perera Sung with Rohana Weerasinghe)
  9. RAN SAMANALA (Lyrics: DEEPA HETTIGE Music Rohana Weerasinghe)
  10. RANA BIME (Lyrics: DEEPA HETTIGE Music Tissasiri Perera)
  11. MALAK NELAAGENA (Lyrics: Priyantha Wijeweera)
  12. MAWUNI OBE SUWANDA (Lyrics & Music: Deepa Hettige)