Going Home Early ..............................!
Posted by Tommy on July 17, 1997 at 03:18:57:

> There were these three guys, a surd, an Italian, and a Jewish guy.
> They all worked together at a factory. Everyday they notice that
> their boss leaves work a little early. So one day they meet together
> and say that today when the boss leaves, they'll all leave early too.
> The boss left and so did they. The Jewish guy goes home and goes to
> rest so he can get an early start. The Italian guy goes home and cooks
> dinner. Our Banta goes home and walks to his bedroom. He opens the
> door slowly and sees his wife in bed with his boss so he shuts the
> door and leaves.
> The next day the Italian and Jewish guys are talking and plan to go
> home early again. They ask Banta if he wants to
> leave early again and he says,"no." They ask him why not and he
> said,"because yesterday I almost got caught!"


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