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Posted by Tommy on July 17, 1997 at 03:12:59:

In the Garden of Eden, Adam had just met Eve and they got talking
about sex. Eve was curious about what Adam did to have sex - after all,
she was the first woman on earth. So Adam took here by the hand and led
her to a nearby tree and showed her a hole in the tree trunk, just about
the right height for Adam to thrust his desires away.

Smiling, Eve said "Well now you don't have to have sex with the
tree because I've got a hole too so why don't you put it in me?"

She lay down on her back and opened her legs as wide as they would
go. Adam, looking forward to this impending moment of passion, took
several steps back.

"Come on, big boy!" said Eve. Adam ran towards Eve and..... KICKED
her between the legs as hard as he could!

"What was that for????" asked Eve....

Adam: "Oh, just checking for squirrels......"

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