The Three Dogs
Posted by Andare on June 28, 1997 at 12:12:34:

Three dogs are sitting in the waiting room at the vet's: a Poodle, a Terrier and a Great Dane. They're all discussing what they're in for.

The Terrier says, "I can't help but bite the postman, every time he turns up I'm after him down the path. The Post Office have complained to my owners and they've agreed to put me down".

All the dogs agree that this is a great shame.

The Poodle then states why it's at the vet's. " Every time I see a car I'm over the fence and chasing after it. It's great fun, the problem is that a car I was chasing yesterday swerved to avoid me and crashed, killing the driver. My owners have decided that I should be put down so that I don't cause any more accidents".

The Poodle and the Terrier turn to the Great Dane to hear his story.

"Well, my owner had just had a bath" he says "she was bending over in the bedroom drying her legs, and I just couldn't resist it, I climbed aboard and had my way with her".

"So are you here to be put down as well then?" asked the Poodle.

"No" came the reply, "I'm getting my nails trimmed"

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