The Stud Bulls
Posted by Andare on June 28, 1997 at 11:51:15:

Three bulls were grumbling about the expected arrival of a fourth one. The first bull raged that he had been on the farm for 20 years and had 20 cows and wasnít going to give up a single cow to the newcomer. The second bull, with 10 cows, insisted he wasnít giving up any of his, and the third bull, with five cows, wasnít about to budge, either.

The next day, a truck pulled up and the farmer led out the biggest blackest, meanest bull the others had ever seen. "Well," said the first bull, "I guess 20 cows are a bit of a strain. He can have some of mine."

"Ten are too much for me, too," said the second. The third bull, however, stood kicking up dirt and snorting. The two others looked at him as if hem had gone stark staring mad. "Look, five cows arenít worth getting beaten up for," said one of the others.

"To hell with the bloody cows," the third snorted. "I just want to make sure he knows Iím a bull!"

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