The Concentric Circles
Posted by Andare on June 28, 1997 at 10:44:37:

Tom and Buck were shooting the bull in Tom's car.

Buck always admired Tom's success with women and asked him his secret. "See that design on the dashboard?" Tom replied "When I pick up a woman, she will eventually ask what it is. I tell her that the outer circle represents infinity--it has no beginning and no end. The inner circle represents the limitations we set for ourselves, and the dot in the center is mankind, confined within."

Buck, totally confused by the explanation of the circles, says "I still don't get it. How can that help you get laid?" "Easy. From a starting point like that, the conversation can get pretty philosophical. Women open right up, and next thing you know, you're making love to them."

Buck was still confused as hell about the concentric circles, but went home and painted them on his dashboard.

That night he managed to coax a young gal into his car for a ride. Sure enough, she inquired about the design on the dash. "Oh, that," Buck said. "It's a bulls-eye. Wanna git nekkid?"

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