Lost in Her .......
Posted by Jeeva on June 04, 1997 at 03:26:35:

A young guy Pete, picks up this beatiful blone woman at a outback pub.
Highly impressed with his appeal to women he takes this blonde
home and seduces her. He first sticks one finger and tries to feel
the virginal walls but with no luck. He then sticks two and then
his whole hand in with absolutely no luck. Her hole is far too big.
He then sticks both his hands and feels around .Still no luck!!

Pissed off as he is he stick one leg and then both legs and still
has no luck. He then sticks his hands, legs and his head in and
falls into her hole.

It is pitch dark inside her cunt but fortunately he had a torch
with him and he looks around and accidently drops the torch.Anyway
while trying to feel around for the torch he feels a touch on
his back. He finds another guy John lost inside the blondes cunt as

Pete : Oh Hi, Listen, if we find my torch we can find our way out

John : Don't bother find my car keys and we'll drive out !!!

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