Posted by God on May 30, 1997 at 20:55:41:

Three guys die and go to Hell. The Devil asks each of them how
they died.

The first guy said "I was standing on my balcony when I leaned
and fell, but I got hold of the balcony below my apartment, when
a maniac lifted my hands and pushed me off the balcony,
fortunately I fell on a tree and I was still alive. But the
psycho wasn't done he killed me by throwing a refrigerator on me."

The Second guy said "I came home from a tough day of work when I
saw my wife on the bed wearing a sexy lingeria. I suspected that
she was having an affair with someone. I went to my balcony and
saw someone hanging on my balcony. I was furious, I pushed him
off, but he escaped when he fell on a tree, I got so mad, I took
my refrigerator and threw it on him, but my shirt got caught on
the refrigerator door, I fell with the fride and died."

The third guy said "I was having an affair with a married woman
when her husband came home. I was so afraid, I went and hid
inside a fridge when some moron threw the fridge out of
the balcony, that's how I died, it's more painful than
it sounds!"

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