Little Johhny and sucking women on a bench with teacher blushing
Posted by Granny Tobby on May 22, 1997 at 01:50:05:

One day during class the teacher went around the class asking
her 5 year old kids questions. Finally, the teacher came up to
Little Johnny and said "if there are three birds on a park bench
and if I was to shoot one, how many birds would be left?".

Little Johnny thought about it for some time and said "none!". The
teacher asked him how he worked it out. Little Johnny said, "Well
if you shoot one the other birds will fly away!". The teacher said
that was not correct but she liked the way he thought!

When the teacher was about to leave, Little Johnny put up his hand
and said he had a question for her. "Fire away", said the teacher.
"Miss, if there are three women on a park bench all eating
ice-cream, one chewing it, one biting it and the other sucking it,
which of those women are married!".

The teacher uncomfortable with the question replied,"I'll have to
go with the one sucking it". Little Johnny replied, "Oh really? ...
I would have thought the one married is the one with the wedding
ring! but I like the way you think!!"

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