Posted by Tommy on May 16, 1997 at 15:29:49:

A is the Artful word he uses.
B is the Blush as she gently refuses.
C is the Creep of his hand up her legs.
D is the Don't as she pleadingly begs.
E is the Excitement as his hand goes higher.
F is the Feeling of ticklish desire.
G is the Gasp as her quim, he touches.
H is the Helplessness she feels in his clutches.
I is the Itching which makes her feel hot.
J is the Jump as the spot,he touches.
K is the Kiss with which she rewards him.
L is the Love which she now feels towards him.
M is the Move which they make for the bed.
N is the Nice way her legs are outspread.
O is the Opening now fully revealed.
P is the Pen with nib fully pealed.
Q is the Queerness she feels when it is in.
R is the Rubbing that's now to begin.
S is the Strokes getting stronger and stronger.
T is the Tickling she wishes would last longer.
U is the Unction now freely flowing.
V is the Vigour with which they are moving.
W is the Wish that he would do it again.
X is the Xtent of the pleasure they gain.
Y is the Yearning that makes her feel sick.
Z is the Zambuk he rubs on his prick.

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