What a dollar can buy.....
Posted by Indu on May 15, 1997 at 14:59:44:

This guy walks into a whore house and goes up to the lady at
the front desk. "What can I get for a buck?" he says. She
looks at him and says,"Go to the last room at the end of the
hall and we'll have a girl waiting for you. So he heads on
down the hall and goes into the last room there is. Low and
behold sitting spread-eagle, naked on the bed is this
beautiful blonde just waiting. Without further ado, the guy
drops his pants and starts going to town. He's working her
over with everything he's got thinking of how good a bargain
it was, even though she was being kinda quiet.

He keeps going and then...he has one of the greatest orgasms
of his life but right as he finishes, white stuff starts
coming out of her nose, her mouth and her ears. Well the
guys freaks out and goes flying out of the room and back to
the front desk while putting his clothes back on. He starts
yelling until the lady comes up to the front desk. Then he
tells her how all of that white stuff was spurting out of
the girl he was getting it on with. Hearing this, the lady
at the front desk turns to the door behind her and
yells,"Herb! The dead one's full again!!!"

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