Bus Driver..
Posted by Jeeva on May 13, 1997 at 00:32:53:

A young guy caught the same bus every morning and he noticed
a young and beautiful nun in that bus every morning.The bus driver
notices the young guys attraction to the nun and says

"You know something, she want's her viginity taken
by god and every full moon day she would go and sit in the
park and wait for god to come and screw her all night."

Astonished by the bus drivers story he decided to check it out.
Sure enough on the next full moon day the young dude dressed
himself to look like god and went to the park and sure enough
there was the gorgeous nun.

Young Guy : Here I am my child, I am here to fulfill your wish

Nun : So No !! I am having my periods, but please take me
in my rear, Please !!

Young guy reckons something is better than nothing and enters her
from the rear. Having had a good time he strips his disguise and
says "He He He I am not god I am the young guy in the Bus Silly "

Nun : He He He I am not the Nun, I am the Bus Driver Stupid !!!

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