the single parachute
Posted by shihaam on May 12, 1997 at 23:06:46:

At the height of the second world war , the combatants decided to try and resolve thier differences.Negotiators from America, Germany ,Britain and France where put on a plane and were told to find a solution to the war.One negotiator represented each country.As the plane was flying over the ocean the pilot reprted that due to mechanical problems the passengers will have to bale out.They also found that there was only one parachute aboard.The American said"if roosevelt was here what would he do,he will sacrifice his life for his fellow man" and jumped to his death.The Britisher said"if Churchill is here he will sacrifice his life for his fellow man " and he too jumped without the parachute.After seeing this the German said"if Hitler was here,whatwould he do?.He threw the frenchman out of the plane.

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