Neighbourhood Watch
Posted by Cabba on May 08, 1997 at 06:31:40:

One fine sunday morning Mother and Father decide to make love.
Little Jonnny however was at home and they could'nt find a way
get rid of him. So the Father asks Jonny to stand in the balcony
and tell him what each neighbour is doing.

So Jonny stands on the balcony while Father and Mother get into
the Act.

Jonny : Next door Sam is washing the Car, Rachel in No 6 is drying
the cloths, Samantha and Bill in No 8 are mowing their lawn
Ted from No 10 is reading the newspaper

And Mr and Mrs Jones from No 16 are having Sex !!

Father and Mother are shocked to hear this from little Jonny

Father : How do you know Mr and Mrs Jones are having sex ???

Jonny : Oh Easy, Thier son David is standing on the balcony
doing a neighbourhood watch just like me !!!!!!!!

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