Siripala and Seetha
Posted by Kanishka on May 05, 1997 at 11:08:20:

This is another story about little Siripala alias Amdon.

Once Siripala's mother gave him 20 rupees and told him to bring sugar. When he went to the grocery, there was that notorious girl called Seetha near the grocery.

She says to Siripala, "Siripala..! hope you came to the grocery. How much have you got?"

"20 rupees" says Siripala.

Then Seetha says,"Well I also have twenty, let's do a game. I ask you a question, if you give the correct answer, I'll give you my twenty. But if you fail, your twenty is mine".

"OK" says Siripala, hoping that he is smarter than Seetha.

"Then tell me where is my pussy?", was Seetha's question.

Siripala was more than happy to get such a simple question, and said, "Oh! it's simple, its on your front side".

Seetha bent forward, lifted her skirt from behind, pointing her finger towards her rear side she says "Heeee Heeee... it's at my rear side!!!.. you lost your twenty".

Siripala was frustrated, and went home empty handed. Then his mother asked him "Did you bring sugar". "No sugar" said Siripala angrily. The mother, thinking that he has spend the money for eating something, gave him another twenty rupee note, and told him to bring sugar at least this time.

When Siripala went to the grocery, there was Seetha again. "Siripala....! shall we do that game again?", asked Seetha.

"Sure" says Siripala, hoping to recover the lost twenty.

Then Seetha asked him the same question "Where is my pussy?".

Siripala was delighted, and at once he says "It's at your rear side!!".

Seetha bent herself backwards, lifted her skirt from the front, and says "Heee Heee....! see for yourself...! it's at my front..., you lost twenty again!!!".

Siripala was so frustrated and went home crying. Mother asks him "Siripala! did you bring sugar this time?"

Siripala says "Mother! until Seetha's pussy is stabilized, we are not going to get sugar". ("Seethage huththa ekthan wenakan api seeni kala ivarai")

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