clean wit
Posted by Vasanthakumar on May 04, 1997 at 07:14:37:

One day I was telling my close friend about my dream the previous
night I had dreamt that I was at a fantastic circus and loved
every minute of it.

He said, "That's interesting; I also had a beautiful dream- in
my dream there was a knock on the door while I was watching TV
alone at night. And there was Raquel Welch asking whether she
could come in! (readers should know my age by now and that this
is a joke from some 30 years ago!!!!). I was
simply delighted and asked her in and almost fainted when I saw
Sophia Loren coming in behind her. I did not know what to do,
me with these two lovely ladies...."

I was becoming impatient by now. I said to my friend, "Come on
machan, we have been such close friends for so long. All you had
to do was to ring me and I would have been there in a jiffy!"

To which my friend replied, "I did ring you my dear chap. But
your mother told me you had gone to a circus!!"

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