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Please Help for
If there is a noble person who sees this ad, please help someone. Someone who has worked in Arabia for8 years is now very helpless. With no way to find two lakh rupees, person is trying to go back to Arabia again. The house rent has not been paid and they are living very hard for months. If anyone can give 350 dollars that means two hundred thousand rupees, we can give 20 thousand rupees per month. This is not a joke. if anyone need details pls contact me
Contact: Hemantha , Sri Lanka
Email: mahen470(---)yahoo.com
Date: 5/13/2023
Seeking Support to Settle in Brisbane or Perth
I am A. Ranasinghe, a financially stable 39-year-old male and PR of Australia, seeks to move to Brisbane or Perth for a fresh start. I am currently an APS officer for the ACT government but wants to leave Canberra due to boredom. I have experience in the supermarket industry and tram services and is open to exploring new career paths. I need help settling in Brisbane or Perth and finding job leads. Also I like to get to know the community. if anyone can help me, please contact me 0426610609.
Contact: Ranasinghe , Australia
Email: ranmadura(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0426610609 Date: 4/13/2023
Looking for used computer or laptop
Job less person is looking for fou used computer or laptop, as donation, I am requesting from kind lady or gentle man, if you have please contact me 074 1360128.
Contact: Buddhidewa, Sri Lanka
Email: rajaratnebuddhi20(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0741360128 Date: 4/13/2023
Arround colombo a house
I am a single parent living with my two in colombo i am a tamil christan person i am finding difficult for living and pay my house rent if anyone can help me to get a house to stay to pay small amount any close houses in colombo or owners are living aboard to look after there house to me stay please can anyone help me please i will take good care of your house please let me know anybody can call me from aboard also i am in what s thanks god
Contact: Shiromi , Sri Lanka
Email: shiromiedward(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0771552517 Date: 4/11/2023
Donate your used items
Donate your used items to poor of the poorest in the remote villages in srilanka. It coud be books, stationery, school/travel bags, kitchen utensils and any other electric /electronic items that you dont need any more. That is loaded in your stores and cupboards for long time. Some one could use and say thank you to you with big smile. Let them enjoy those item. In return- you may enjoy a village tour when you need relax time on with less expenses. Peace for all.
Contact: Keerthi , Srilanka
Email: kdkeerthi(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0779502543 Date: 3/29/2023
Looking for migration help to Canada
I am isolated with 2 children in The eastern province of srilanka.I prefer to migrate to Canada with children.I have little money and piece of land to spend for us and we are prepared to work and live in Canada once we arrive there.We need your start up help and till end.I will be help back till my death physically.I am not a rich man with money but have kindness towards other.I am honest and truthful person.My children studied in English medium and we all able speak in English language.Help us
Contact: Keeith , Srilanka
Email: kdkeerthi(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0779502543 Date: 3/16/2023
I'm Single. No Parents.I live in a rented house.I couldn't pay house rent for last month.Please help me to pay this house Rent. Thanking you.
Contact: hirani , Sri Lanka
Email: hgssilva1234(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0714275526 Date: 3/16/2023
Build new house
Iam Rashila.Ilive in Hambantota district walasmulla city.I have two child.my husband is not with us.he stay with different lady.we dont have house.place Any one help us to build our house.Thanks
Contact: Rashila, Sri Lanka
Email: rashilaanushka(---)gmil.com
Phone: 0714898301 Date: 3/16/2023
sri lankan student in India need help
Mashi is a Sri lankan university student in India. She recently received scholarship from government of India for05 years Medical science program.But food and other incidental expenses she has to afford . Her father is a Three wheeler driver and cant save any money to send her. He is looking for a generous person to help his daughter to meet expenses of food / books etc.
Contact: Mashi , sri lanka
Email: redrose.pilimathalawa(---)gmail.com
Phone: 768810985 Date: 3/10/2023
Looking for used laptop donation
I am sick person, I lost my job and slowly recovering I am planning to do some part time job in order to do the part-time work I am required to have computer if any kind person is having so please help me.
Contact: Buddhidewa, Sri lanka
Email: rajaratnebuddhi20(---)gmail.com
Phone: 074 1360128 Date: 3/01/2023
Hi Sir's, I am a persom as a accountant work with mny years experience I am looking for used PC or laptop to do some parttime job I person with stroke cannot wok and slowly recovering if and kind lady or gentleman can help me please contact me 074 1360128, thanks, God bless and budusaranai.
Contact: Wijesinghe , Sri lanka
Email: Wijesinghebuddhidewa(---)gmail.com
Date: 2/23/2023
I request you to help me to pay the rent
I'm roshini.i am a single parent.i live in a rented house.I couldn't pay house rent for 3 months.the houseowner asks as to leave the house.please help me to pay this house rent. Thankyou.
Contact: Roshini , Srilanka
Email: rroshini934(---)gmail.com
Date: 2/23/2023
Looking for a help medicine
we are a poor family living in Ganemulla and my farther age 79 and suffering from longer desease with edema cause of that all the time legs and hands swallen have to take him to the hospital frequently since we are poor we need a help from a kind person to help us for us to buy medicine, please contact
Contact: shanika , Srilanka
Email: perershanika60(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0712078755 Date: 2/11/2023
Need Helf for married couple
Hi I m prageeth, I m live in colombo . I did some business and now its al finish Now its very bad time .so Im doing transportation job actually Now I facing big problem in my car I have to pay 8 laks in next moth to finnace company for my bulk payment. Actually is there have any sponcer for me to this I can give the money back I have a one child she is now in year one If i cant give this payment next month we have to come road Without income..please please help me
Contact: Prageeth , Sri lanka
Email: tharo911(---)gmail.com
Phone: 719910123 Date: 2/04/2023
Need a donation to get spectacles for me
I'm 42 years old divorce lady no is to look affter me need a help for kind hearted peoples to get spectacles for me please contact me through WhatsApp 0769280524
Contact: Nilanthi, Sri Lanka
Email: nilan19699(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0769280524 Date: 1/22/2023
Thirty-one-year-old male student using wheelchair, who lives in melbourne australia, going through financial hardship at this time, if anyone is interested to let him stay at their house free of charge, his family will greatly appreciate this favour. thank you.
Contact: Nalin, US
Email: tandn1260(---)gmail.com
Phone: 51 5162207907 Date: 1/20/2023
My Mother Need Pampers
My mother is unable to walk and she need 1 packet of pampers every five days. As I am unable to bear the cost which is Rs 1500 per week, if any kind hearted lady or a gentleman can help us it would be highly appreciated. You can visit my mother and see for yourself and give the help. I am Renuka call me on my mobile 0754856092. Thank you.
Contact: Renuka , Sri lanka
Email: anildp24(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0754856092 Date: 1/08/2023
Need Help for Medical Treatment
7 million is required for urgent medical treatment . If there is a dedicated person, please do it. If not, I request you to pledge my only house and give this amount.
Contact: Udawatta , Sri Lanka
Email: hpudawatta(---)gmail.com
Phone: 07116187051 Date: 1/06/2023
Financial aid
Looking to provide financial aid to a university student in colombo for him/her to continue with their studies. Please provide full details about yourself, including your university ID. (Requesting all these to filter out scammers and fake requests) If your case is genuine and if I can verify your story, I would provide the full support for you to continue your studies and be financially independent. Please email me the details and an introduction to start the process.
Contact: Shawn , Sri lanka
Email: shawn12432(---)gmail.com
Date: 1/06/2023
Charity duties
If you are sincerely interested to do charity, helping the poor, the less privileged children, Please contact me i have lots of familys who really need help ASAP
Contact: Pasan , Srilanka
Email: pasan(---)stephanlanka.com
Phone: 0768484151 Date: 1/06/2023
Please, donate me your used mobile phone!
hello! due to a financial problem, I can not afford to buy a smart phone. I can not pay you right now but I can pay you latter if you want.so if you have a extra phone that you don't use, please donate it to me. I'm greatly appreciate your kindness. feel free to email me for more details. thank you! have a wonderful day
Contact: chanuka , Sri Lanka
Email: help.chanuka.p(---)gmail.com
Date: 12/25/2022
Books and stationery items needed for poor children
We are group of men and women (New Way ) come forward voluntarly to help our poor children by contacting seminars and other programme and distribute books, used clothers (uniform) and others statuionery items. If you are interested please contribute towards the sucees of this charitable works eithers by cash or kind. Thanks and God bless us.
Contact: Fernando , Sri Lanka
Email: festusfdo23(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0774236725 Date: 12/24/2022
You Donate for Poor
Donate used items ,that could be used by someone who need it in remote village. People are in need of kitchen items, cloths, stationery toys ect. You donate a item for poor of the poorest What ever you don't need any more or stored in your garage for a long time. Cost of living made lot of trouble for all most all. marginalized families facing lot of trouble in daily life and unable to buy food and reduce one meal. Please donate used things which is in usable condition. Make people smile at all
Contact: Keerthi , Sri Lanka
Email: kdkeerthi(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0779502543 Date: 12/24/2022
Looking for a Laptop for My Post graduate Studies
Looking for a Laptop for my post-graduate studies and I am currently doing a post-graduate in UOM urgently need a Laptop for research but my laptop is damaged and I am not able to buy a new one at this moment please help if anyone has sent mail your details I will contact you
Contact: Mafas , Sri Lanka
Email: mafaz217(---)gmail.com
Date: 12/11/2022
Can Help Girl/Lady Free Stay & Meals Ratmalana
I am a Matured Professional Director Pvt Company in Colombo I like to help a Girl/Lady who really genuinely need this offer I can offer free Accommodation & meals in Ratmalana I live In a 2BR fully furnished house wit all Facilities This offer is for genuine Girl or Lady Pls Reply to discuss further I can help with job opportunity in my Company if needed
Contact: Richard , Sri Lanka
Email: gentlewinds77(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0777306119 Date: 12/11/2022
Sponsor for studies
This is a genuine request for seeking help to finish my course. I'm not in a position to afford it since I faced a tragedy. also looking for a part time job to support my family. all the course academy details can be given for verification . I'm seeking somebody genuinely give a hand and help me to complete my course. If anybody who can help for my course please do contact me or mail me. Thank you in advance
Contact: Vini , Sri Lanka
Email: Bvini6589(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0756993661 Date: 12/11/2022
I need a Used smart phone
Hi. I'm Chanuka. Due to the situation in our country, I'm struggling financially. my mobile phone is broke and I don't have enough money to fix it. so any of you kind people have a unwanted smart phone, please donate it to me. email me. thank you, Have a wonderful day!
Contact: chanuka , Sri Lanka
Email: Help.chanuka.p(---)gmail.com
Date: 12/05/2022
I am the Director of Cross Ethnic Community , a Scottish charity(Facebook: cross ethnic community) like to call all like minded people of Sri Lanka to join the noble cause of empowering most disadvantaged people of Sri Lanka. We are apolitical, impartial and non religious organisation. currently doing projects in 11 districts of Sri Lanka.
Contact: DAVID, UK
Email: nallaratnamd(---)gmail.com
Phone: 07548964071 Date: 11/26/2022
Donation for Vipassana Meditation center
We are Vipassana meditators at Habarana Palugaswewa, Sri Lanka. We need to complete constructions of our meditation center. Yours faithfully, Palugaswewa Manopasada, 94 767 407 213.
Contact: Palugaswewa Manopasada , Sri Lanka
Email: nauma1022(---)gmail.com
Phone: 94767407213 Date: 11/13/2022
Furniture for Dhaham School
We are from Wimalathissa Dhaham School of Sri Vijayasundararamaya at Palannoruwa, Gonapola Junction, in Kalutara District. We need furniture for the Dhaham School students and teachers. Who wish to donate please contact, Venarable Diyagama Abhaya, Whatsapp 94718021560 May the tripple gem bless you!
Contact: Diyagama Abhayabuddhi, Sri Lanka
Email: nauma1022(---)gmail.com
Phone: 94718021560 Date: 11/13/2022
offering Free accomadation & food Girl or couple
I am a professional Director Pvt Co I have a Nice house in Ratmalana I can offer Free accommodation and food and job for Girl Lady or couple who dont have a place to stay Pls reply to Discuss further
Contact: De Zilwa , Sri Lanka
Email: gntlewinds77(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0777306119 Date: 11/13/2022
Sponsership for Badminton Tour
I am Pasidu from Prince of Wales College Moratuwa, won Under 17 Mens Double Badminton Championship 2022. Sri Lanka Badminton Association offered a tour to Thailand, my school agreed to give Rs. 100,000/=, but my parents are unable to pay the balance Rs. 400,000/= . I am searching for a sponsor to make success the tour. You can inquire about me from my school principal and refer the ranking list 2022 in Sri Lanka Badminton association website.
Contact: Pasidu, Sri Lanka
Email: nauma1022(---)gmail.com
Phone: 94740407978 Date: 11/13/2022
Home for the Kittens
Please help us to save life of Beautiful Kittens and looking pet lovers for them to lookafter.
Contact: Damayanthie, Sri Lanka
Email: gpdrupasinghe(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0772101346 Date: 11/06/2022
Hi I am shriya 25 years old I need help for my studies and start up obtain a monthly income I'm from a poor family but my dad somehow managed to pay for my studies till my A/Ls. But now he is sick with diabetes and not in a position to pay for my expenses. I'm really hoping that someone genuine could help me to pay stand alone on my feet so I could achieve my goals in life and help my parents
Contact: Shriya, Srilanka
Email: Shriyafernando2(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/23/2022
Kidney wanted..looking for a doner.
We are looking for a kidney doner.. Pls call me for more. 0774371030. We can pay some money for the doner. Thanks.
Contact: Srikanth , Sri lanka
Email: sri0777(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0774371030 Date: 10/18/2022
Welfare organization
I intend to start a non-governmental organization to help poor school students living in rural areas of Sri Lanka. If there are people who can be related to it, please let me know.Please whatsApp no 0094716332865
Contact: Premalal , Sri Lanka
Email: sarath.premalal(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0094716332865 Date: 10/18/2022
Someone help for sweing machine
I am a single mother.mybsalary us not enough to take care of expenses.please someone help me for sweing machine.
Contact: Jeya , Srilanka
Email: jeyajeya267(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/15/2022
Need help for parents medical treatment
Im from deniyaya. Looking for my parents medicine .my mother too suffering without medicine .her spine broken . Without medicine cost she suffering .if some one can help for my parents food s and medicine that big thing .
Contact: Pathirana , Srilanka
Email: ramanipathirana(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/07/2022
English / Sinhala books to be given to a school
I have a collection of Sinhala and English books on various subjects mostly novels to be donated to a remote village school or to a small library in need of books .
Contact: Sitha , Sri Lanka
Email: sithaparanavidhana79(---)gmail.com
Date: 10/04/2022
Need a Help
My name is Dulip and lives in kadawatha...i came from Dubai recently for a emergency...now im unable to travel back since the air-fare is very high and i dont have money to buy... Please if anyone can help me to buy a ticket for me its a big help...i can pay it in 3 instalments...untill that i can give u a date cheque for this... Please help me if i unable to go before end of the month company will stop my work...
Contact: Dulip, Sri Lanka
Email: dulip_hassen2011(---)yahoo.com
Phone: 0766337880 Date: 9/27/2022
one of the Small family looking a house fro rent in colombo 06.Kirulapone area very poor family if any one in abroad willing to help this family with a small rent you can give the house they will keep clean and maintain well . please contact 0766679935 email amruban@gmail.com
Contact: MARK, Sri Lanka
Email: amruban(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0094766679935 Date: 9/12/2022
who is sincerely interested to do Charity duties
If you are sincerely interested to do charity, helping the poor, the less privileged children, doing the good work of God and also for the assistance of the widows in accordance to (JAMES 1:27). Please contact me, I have a major property and some other things to contribute and support you.
Contact: Ramona, UK
Email: ramonaggray011(---)gmail.com
Phone: 447577123119 Date: 8/27/2022
I am Nadeesha from Sri Lanka a US Green Card DV lottery winner seek a sponsor/ employer to proceed with my immigrant Visa application. I am so grateful if any one in USA can help me.I am a qualified Graphic Designer/ data Entry Operator having qualifications relevant to my Employment
Contact: NADEESHA , Sri Lanka
Email: nadeesha.suneth(---)gmail.com
Phone: 94768810985 Date: 8/27/2022
Poor Female Student Need A Dongal
A poor 9year old student in (Grade 4) need a "dongal" for her computer to participate for her zoom classes. Can any generous person who has an extra "dongal" help her, by donating it to her. You will be blessed by the God. Obata godak pin lebei. Pls telephone
Contact: Bandula, Sri Lanka
Email: sbandulaw(---)gmail.com
Phone: 077 129 3858 Date: 8/21/2022
Us Green Card winner need employer from USA
I am Nadeeka Sri Lankan Girl won Green Card DV Lottery . Us immigration wants me to find a sponsor to proceed with my Visa application. I am a qualified experienced Graphic Designer and do computer related other work too. Please help me
Contact: Mary , sri lanka
Email: mawathagama88(---)gmail.com
Date: 8/21/2022
Looking for a genuine person to donate me a hot plate
Because of the crisis in our country, I am in a difficulty to afford to buy food from shops . Though I have a gas cooker and a gas cylinder I am unable to find gas now. I'm a diabetic patient so I need to be careful of what I eat. So I'm looking for a person who can donate me a hot plate and that would be helpful for me to cook my food and be healthy. Please help me at this critical situation and food is must for me because I'm having medicine. Contact me via my email. Thank you.
Contact: Jeni , Sri Lanka
Email: jeniwinston111(---)gmail.com
Date: 8/21/2022
Needs urgent financial help
Could some good samaritan help me financially as I need to show money in Singapore and Malaysia to get a job. I can return it within a month. Can write a promisory note in the presence of a lawyer and can pay an interest as well as required by you and or market rate. Look forward to you kind gesture. If you agree please contact me first on email:
Contact: Sharmila, Sri Lanka
Email: sharmsilva2000(---)gmail.com
Date: 8/12/2022
Seeking part-time job osaka Japan
My daughter studying Japanese language at international school in tondabayashi osaka Japan She went there this April, still trying to find a job.. please someone do help to find her a job please email or call me,thank you,...Mother
Contact: Kumari , Srilanka
Email: Kamaniyeni(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0701599946 Date: 8/12/2022
watch dogs and puppies to kind and good homes
Home bred good watch dogs are available for good and kind homes. 02 Males one and half years both brothers (cannot be tied and caged) they are trained being just outside freely. Two small puppies 03 months old, one male 01 female. They are trained being inside and outside cannot be tied and brought up.
Contact: Sandra , Sri Lanka
Email: sd909903(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0785986442 Date: 8/10/2022
Assistant needs further Education
My favorite thing is to live without bothering anyone. My dream was to go abroad for higher education. But it has become impossible, So, I decided to qualify as a professional. Therefore, I am currently studying the CA course at the ICASL. I also hope to pursue a special degree in Applied Accounting from the same institute but I do not have the financial strength to apply for that degree and complete the next stage of the CA course and my other expenses. I expect some help from you for that.
Contact: Roshan, Sri Lanka
Email: roshanpinnapola39(---)gmail.com
Phone: 94768143240 Date: 7/28/2022
Someone please help for food.
I am a single parent of a three years baby. Due to the situation in this country, we are struggling for food. Someone please help me.
Contact: Babi, Sri-lanka
Email: barbie21412196(---)outlook.com
Date: 7/19/2022
Financially support for genuine couple
Hello, Im 32 years old Engineer from Battaramulla. I graduated from Government University and working in a reputed company in Colombo. I would like to help genuine couples in financially, if you need a help please do contact me. Have a nice day!!
Contact: Rasika , Sri lanka
Email: kelumariyarathna4(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0701321308 Date: 7/17/2022
I am 35 years youth suffering from s serous disease since mid twenties.My retired parents find it extremely difficult to afford regular medicine for me with prevailing financial crisis in Sri lanka. I look for a generous donor to provide me medicine
Contact: Hatharaliyadda , sri Lanka
Email: hatharaliyadda.ky(---)gmail.com
Date: 6/29/2022
We are looking for someone who will help our organization to implement various support services to those in need, especially elderly people ,orphaned and widows also to support existing elders homes. Our organization is a government registered non profit organization which is in operation since 1994, throughout the country without any barrier. We need buildings to accommodate elderly people and look after them , land for various income generating projects like vegetation
Contact: De Almeida , Srilanka
Email: gloryvillage(---)gmail.com
Phone: 0774309917 Date: 6/28/2022

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