It is well known that the BBC , which is supposed to be impartial is pro Tamil racist. Its Sandeshaya, which is an half an hour daily programme in Sinhala is full of anti Sinhala propaganda.Even Tisahamy who died recently was not spared in this regard. We have previously written on this in the feature article "Tisahamy and the Sinhala Culture" .The Sandeshaya as well as the main BBC policy has been to refer to the Tamil Tiger Terrorists as militants, separatists, and freedom fighters.

Perhaps this stems from the fact that Tamil racism was created and nurtured by the British as described in " An Introduction To Tamil Racism in Sri Lanka" . The British high commissioner in Sri Lanka continues interfere with the Tamil racist problem.

Recently a BBC 2 Newsnight documentary has claimed that one million Tamils have fled from Yapanaya due to government bombing. The Tamil population in the peninsula never exceeded 650,000 and they left not because of attacks by the government but due to LTTE orders to evacuate.

Organisation for the Defense of Sinhale in the UK and other associations have protested to the BBC on this propaganda against the government and the Sinhala people. It is high time that the Sri Lankan high commissioner in London takes up this matter with the BBC.