THE INSIGHT - Latest Brain Wave From London

Thilak S. Fernando

When clouds gather in high skies they are usually accompanied by lightning. In the same manner whenever there is education, it should be accompanied by wisdom. Children today are future citizens of the world; they have the responsibility for shaping the future of the world. Students go through a process of learning in school to acquire a certain amount of strength and character. With that strength they become governors to lead their respective countries, therefore, children need protection and guidance

With such thoughts as the motto, an assemblage of Sri Lankans in London initiated a new movement, during the last week-end of October 99, to promote human values among the second and third generation of Sri Lankan youth born and bred in the UK.

New movement, The Insight, considers its prime objective as grooming the young to give a more broader understanding of family values & family bonds thereby training them to respect parents and elders through a spiritual background.

The Insight is firmly committed to the idea that todays children are future citizens of the world, as such they have the ultimate responsibility for shaping the future. With that in mind this new Organisation believes by moulding the youth initially to become aware of their inner-self, through an ethereal education, the present day youth can be motivated to become intellectually aware of human values which in turn could be extended towards the society when they become responsible citizens. To achieve this task The Insight intends to utilise classical and educational films, videos, audiocassettes, and books.

The formation of the The Insight, according to one of the key founder members of the society, has been trigged off by the very unfortunate fact that some of the well off Sri Lankan expatriate intellectuals and professionals are turning the Nelsonian eye to the cultural and ethical necessities of the Sri Lankan community grown up as well their young who are being brought up in Western culture based society in the UK.

The Insight aims to go beyond the boundaries of England when it comes to extending their assistance to Sri Lankans. A lady member of The Insight made reference to the Tamil terrorist attack at Aranthalaesa Monastery massacre aimed at 34 Buddhist monks where only one survived with severe injuries. She expressed her horror over the misdemeanour behaviour of the Ministry of Buddasasana where this disabled & bed ridden monk has been allowed to lie in a helpless predicament for thirteen long years right at the door step of the Buddhasasana Minister in Balagalle Pirivena unobserved!

Emphasising how scandalous it reflected on the very name of Dharmadeepa she appealed, on behalf of the Insight for financial help, however minute it may be, to donate a wheel chair to this monk in order to help him out of his mentally devastating plight and to make the monk mobile at least within the temple premises where he could see the light outside and breath some fresh air. Maintaining her stand she immediately donated 75 and another gentleman, touched by this sad episode, contributed 100 as an incentive to the proposed fund. Donors have specifically given strict instructions to remain anonymous and The Insight has vouched to respect their wishes as well as any future contributors.

The meeting of The Insight was held at a residence in Hampstead, chaired by Miss. Nishanthi Weeratunge. The distinct feature of the rendezvous was how the youth who attended the meeting conducted the affairs of this inaugural session allowing the matured organisers to take a back seat and observe how the new generation of Sri Lankan youth themselves saw this problem and discussed how to overcome this arduous task. This was more so reinforced by the fact that the traditional oil lamp lighting was done by five year old Sumudu Cabral and student Isis Basnayake with observing Pan Sil. Every one who attended the meeting received a gift in the form of a Buddhist Philosophical audio cassette, Clarity and Perception to remind the very meaning of the word insight.

Anyone who is interested in the activities or wishes to participate in The Insight movement should contact 0171-794-2936 or 0171 7365687