Grand Father rapes Grand Daughter!

Mar 18 (InfoLanka) A 13-year-old girl who was living with her grandparents was found five months pregnant, she had been raped allegedly by her grandfather last October in Dambulla.

The girl's parents had been divorced and she was under the custody of grandparents since she was four years old. She was taken to the hospital by her grandmother several days ago when she had told of a stomach ache.

The doctor had given medicine though the pain continued. They had again consulted the doctor and as a result the doctor had tested a urine sample of the girl. The test revealed that she was pregnant.

A complaint was lodged at the police by the grandmother and the investigations revealed that the girl had been raped by her grandfather.

However, she had refused to expose the incident due to the love she had for her grandparents. The 60-year-old suspect had fled the home since the day before yesterday. HQI Dambulla Sugath Asmadala is conducting investigations.