Thilaka Rupasinghe

Thilaka Rupasinghe is a well-known singer and song-writer in Melbourne. Tilaka's passion for singing began when she was just a little girl. "I've always sung, ever since I could talk," says Tilaka. "At Home, the school radio program, school concerts, everywhere." Since moving to Australia more than 17 years ago with her husband and two daughters, Tilaka has helped raise funds by lending her fresh vocals at countless charity events and fund-raisers. She has also been the lead female vocalist in well-known bands, also singing at innumerable special events, like weddings and engagements.

Thilaka's remarkable solo career began more than 12 years ago, when she first released her cassette 'Pura Sadhin,' of 10 songs, three of which she wrote herself. In producing her cassette, Tilaka worked with talented musicians, including Sarath Dasanayka and Clarence Wijerwardane as well as with well-known song-writers like Saman Chandranath Weerasinghe, Chandrasena Range and K.D.K Dharmawardane. The cassette, illustrating a chameleon-like variety of moods, spawned an unbroken string of hits. Her success has continued with the recent release of her debut album 'Aaraadhanaa' of 17 songs. Tilaka Rupasinghe is a talented and passionate singer/songwriter of our day.

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