Rohana Karunaratne

Although his profession dealt with technology, Rohana possessed many faceted abilities in several artistic fields. In the early years in Sri Lanka, he acted in a number of theatre productions including Amaradasa Jayatunga's "Gong Kawadi". He produced several literary works, but later he matured as a singer. He studied vocals under maestro Victor Ratnayake and gained identity as a Graded Professional Singer in the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation participating in programmes and productions.

After migrating to Australia, Rohana continued his artistic career by establishing himself as a singer of much demand. In the early days in this community, he experimented in theatre by producing the drama "Gong Kawadi". He also has proved to be a versatile actor, having portrayed the leading role in the Melbourne production of Dr Sarachchandra's "Mahasara". Rohana has the distinction of being the first artiste to present his own musical show in Australia. He produced his own CD of original songs and his musical show "Vihanga Sara" in the year 2000.

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