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  1. Maa Haa Koomala by Rajeev Sebastian (Originally Clarence Wijewardena)
  2. Sai Baba by Rajeev Sebastian (Originally Clarence Wijewardena)
  3. Raeka Heenen Piyaaba by Rajeev Sebastian (Originally Clarence Wijewardena)
  4. Sawana Puraa Ena by Rajeev Sebastian (Originally Clarence Wijewardena)
  5. Geeyak Liyanne by Rajeev Sebastian (Originally Clarence Wijewardena)
  6. Sudu Seyla Paelandu by Rajeev Sebastian (Originally Clarence Wijewardena)
  7. Upan Diney Ada by Rajeev Sebastian (Originally Clarence Wijewardena)
  8. Malai Welai by Rajeev Sebastian (Originally Clarence Wijewardena)
  9. Nuhuru Sinaa by Rajeev Sebastian
  10. Sithaka Thiyena by Rajeev Sebastian
  11. Denuwan Athare by Rajeev Sebastian
  12. Thani Wuu Maa by Rajeev Sebastian
  13. Dakinna Aasai by Rajeev Sebastian
  14. Wananthare Mal (TeleDrama: Andara Endiriya) by Rajeev Sebastian & Kushani Sandarekha
  15. Duwa Maa Wage by Rajeev Sebastian (Originally Clarence Wijewardena)
  16. Samugena Yannata by Lakshman Hilmi
  17. Punchi Kaaley by Lakshman Hilmi
  18. Sitha Handana Ayuru by Lakshman Hilmi
  19. Sepalika Thaama Mey by Lakshman Hilmi
  20. Wasanthaye Obe Namin by Lakshman Hilmi
  21. Asarana Wuu Preme by Victor Vijayantha
  22. Amma Ran Kiri by Maya Damayanthi
  23. Sanda Mangala Naukaawe by Victor Vijayantha
  24. Aashaawe Daesa Paa by Maya Damayanthi
  25. Oo Kawudoo Kawuda by Maya Damayanthi & Victor Vijayantha
  26. Jeevithe Oba Mage by Victor Vijayantha
  27. Thaniwela Aawemi by Maya Damayanthi & Victor Vijayantha
  28. Aawe Aawe Mangalle by Victor Vijayantha & Maya Damayanthi
  29. Koodukaari Eyi Inne by Maya Damayanthi
  30. Muthu Akurin Enda by Maya Damayanthi & Victor Vijayantha
  31. Daetha Daraa Pawathina by Victor Vijayantha
  32. Kunda Keley Puudinne by Maya Damayanthi
  33. Subha Upan Dinak by Punsiri Soysa
  34. Maa Hada Nalawana by Punsiri Soysa
  35. Sanda Sey Pethum by Punsiri Soysa
  36. Issara Waage Madahasa by Punsiri Soysa
  37. Saendae Yaame Chanchala by Punsiri Soysa
  38. Pera Ege Thorathuru by Punsiri Soysa
  39. Maawathe Seethale Andure by Punsiri Soysa
  40. Warada Mage Nowa by Punsiri Soysa
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  41. Soobana Chandra by Kanthi Wakwella
  42. Galanaa Helenaa by Kanthi Wakwella
  43. Rupika by Walter Gunawardena
  44. Maala Gela Damaa by Walter Gunawardena
  45. Wasantha Rani by Wasantha Sandanayake
  46. Nawa Wasare Lebuwawuu by Wasantha Sandanayake
  47. Soogini Bura Buraa (Film: Veera Vijaya) by Latha Walpola
  48. Meywa Thamai Jill (Film: Veera Vijaya) by Jamuna Rani
  49. Hello Dear My by Louis Rodrigo & Helen
  50. Dance Master by Louis Rodrigo & Shanthi Leka
  51. Dasa Paaramitha by Ananda Kaviratne & Nandawathi
  52. Budu Guna by Ananda Kaviratne & Nandawathi
  53. Mey Sinhalayaage by Regina Perera
  54. Waram Aran by Regina Perera
  55. Prabha Guna Heena by Ahamed Mohideen
  56. Mano Ramya Lanka by Ahamed Mohideen
  57. Bamunu Yakaa Kiyapu (Drama: Pandukabhaya) by Palis Appu
  58. Netha Wena Baeruma (Drama: Pandukabhaya) by Palis Appu
  59. Shanthi Shanthi Shreeya by Titus Samaraweera
  60. Kookilayaage Gee Naadey by Ahamed Mohideen
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  61. Sura Lalanaaviye by Supriya Abeysekara (Originally Wasantha Sandanayake)
  62. Sisilai Sunilai by Supriya Abeysekara (Originally Wasantha Sandanayake)
  63. Rae Ahase by Supriya Abeysekara
  64. Neganiyo Mage by Supriya Abeysekara
  65. Senakeli Tharu by Supriya Abeysekara
  66. Hadawathinma Pidu by Supriya Abeysekara
  67. Thun This Pae by Supriya Abeysekara
  68. Thun Sitha Himihita by Supriya Abeysekara
  69. Sandarel Kendiwata by Supriya Abeysekara
  70. Aakaase Tharu Mal by Supriya Abeysekara
  71. Sandak Wee Negenna by Supriya Abeysekara
  72. Sardhawakaashaye Seema by Supriya Abeysekara
  73. Rana Derane (Kobbekaduwa) by Anton Jones
  74. Giya Methiwarane by Anton Jones
  75. Punchi Mamath (Alukkala) by Anton Jones
  76. Raththaranin Saeduu (Sammane) by Anton Jones
  77. Mama Wunoth Janapathi by Anton Jones
  78. Padika Weadikaawe Mama by Anton Jones
  79. Siribara Lankawe (Maraya) by Anton Jones
  80. St Sebastian by Anton Jones
  81. Aadarayen Hithanna Mage by Prince Udaya Priyantha
  82. Sudu Nelumak Sey by Prince Udaya Priyantha
  83. Kandulu Bindu Bindu by Prince Udaya Priyantha
  84. Kandulu Mal Pethi by Prince Udaya Priyantha
  85. Mage Kandulu Dekaganna by Prince Udaya Priyantha
  86. Ahinsakama Poojaawak Kandulu by Prince Udaya Priyantha
  87. Tharu Wage Es by Prince Udaya Priyantha
  88. Raenen Igillee Aawoth by Prince Udaya Priyantha
  89. Rae Tharu Nonidaa by Prince Udaya Priyantha
  90. Wasanthayak Doo Thahanam by Prince Udaya Priyantha
  91. Sanda Evith Giyaa by Prince Udaya Priyantha
  92. Palamu Senehasa Sithe by Prince Udaya Priyantha
  93. Numba Dunnu Kandulu by Prince Udaya Priyantha
  94. Sanda Nae Nilambare by Prince Udaya Priyantha
  95. Noindul Kusumaka by Prince Udaya Priyantha
  96. Weraduna Kurumanama by Prince Udaya Priyantha
  97. Gammiris Etey by Lakshman Hilmi
  98. Mandaaram Walaa Seala by Lakshman Hilmi
  99. Paschima Yaamaya by Lakshman Hilmi
  100. Sanda Evith Yanawa by Lakshman Hilmi

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