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  1. Aadare Mage Aadare by Anuradha Perera
  2. Mal Vilata Mang by Anuradha Perera
  3. Wehibara Ahasa Ape by Anuradha Perera & Rajiv Sebastian
  4. Mal Wehi Wehelaa by Anuradha Perera
  5. Mama Oba Handunami by Anuradha Perera & Dayan Vitharana
  6. Gangaawe Geetha Asaa by Anuradha Perera
  7. Mey Nadiye Geethaya by Anuradha Perera & Kasun Kalhara
  8. Path Iruwa Purawanna by Anuradha Perera
  9. Pabalu Wel Isa by Anuradha Perera
  10. Oba Evidin Sinaasemin by Anuradha Perera
  11. Sulange Paawee Ahase by Anuradha Perera
  12. Mata Denennawath Idak by Anuradha Perera
  13. Oba Koheada Inne by Anuradha Perera
  14. Midi Bandune Madhu by Anuradha Perera
  15. Samanalun Etha Igililaa by Anuradha Perera
  16. Mal Wesi Sey by Asanka Priyamantha Peiris & Hemanthi Ranasinghe
  17. Kaawaadiya Urahisa by Hemanthi Ranasinghe
  18. Naegam Yana Yaaluwane by Predeepa Dharmadasa & Hemanthi Ranasinghe
  19. Ape Appachchi by Jayathilake Bandara
  20. Punchi Welenda (Instrumental) by Sarath De Alwis
  21. Mada Diye Pipunata (New Music) by G.S.B. Rani Perera
  22. El Heney Pel by G.S.B. Rani Perera & Greshan Ananda (Originally with H.R. Jothipala)
  23. Sonduru Gammane by G.S.B. Rani Perera & Ravindra Randeniya (Originally with ???)
  24. Moorala Prema Geethey by G.S.B. Rani Perera & Amith Walpola (Originally with Dharmadasa Walpola)
  25. Relle Kiri Welle by G.S.B. Rani Perera & Ishak Beag (Originally with Mohideen Beag)
  26. Laalitha Ruupe by G.S.B. Rani Perera & Suneth Walpola (Originally with Dharmadasa Walpola)
  27. Pem Pahana Niwee by G.S.B. Rani Perera & Ishak Beag (Originally with Mohideen Beag)
  28. Sengee Sengee Etha (New Music) by G.S.B. Rani Perera
  29. Ranjani Nandani by Kalawathi
  30. Manaharai Balana Belum by SuriyaKumara Muththalage
  31. Aa Haa Enna by Kalawathi
  32. Mage Sudu Nanagi by SuriyaKumara Muththalage & Kalawathi
  33. Duwa Senehe Illa by Kalawathi
  34. Wenwa Yannadoo by SuriyaKumara Muththalage
  35. Pethum Pireela by SuriyaKumara Muththalage & Kalawathi
  36. Pin Paatin Muuna by SuriyaKumara Muththalage
  37. Paawelaa Maa Wethin by Kalawathi
  38. Piyakaru Sihineka by SuriyaKumara Muththalage & Kalawathi
  39. Oyaada Penchi Waage by SuriyaKumara Muththalage
  40. Naawothin Karahama by Kalawath
  41. Sinahawa Atharin (New Music) by Milton Mallawarachchi
  42. Sanda Uthuraa (New Music) by Milton Mallawarachchi
  43. Diyambeyhi Paawee (New Music) by Milton Mallawarachchi
  44. Iwuru Thalaa (New Music) by Milton Mallawarachchi
  45. Mey Mayi Gaha (New Music) by Milton Mallawarachchi
  46. Maa Haa Edaa (New Music) by Milton Mallawarachchi
  47. Maala Girawune by Milton Mallawarachchi
  48. Siyalu Sathata Seth by Milton Mallawarachchi
  49. Ganga Kelambee by Milton Mallawarachchi
  50. Obe Ahinsaka by Milton Mallawarachchi
  51. Maname Kumriya Sey by Milton Mallawarachchi
  52. Rae Thun Yamey (2) by Milton Mallawarachchi
  53. Oba Magen Wenwee by Milton Mallawarachchi
  54. Seya Mawaa by Milton Mallawarachchi
  55. Rekha Seleela Ire by Milton Mallawarachchi
  56. Weta Addara Wetakeyiya by Milton Mallawarachchi
  57. Dangakaara Sinaa Reli by Milton Mallawarachchi
  58. Malak Nelaagena by Milton Mallawarachchi
  59. Mal Warusaa Meda by Milton Mallawarachchi
  60. Aasiri Sinaawoo by Milton Mallawarachchi
  61. Punchi Welenda by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadado
  62. Passa Paare Pannanepa by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadado
  63. Naan Aanaittal (Tamil) by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadado
  64. Akke Ennako Podi by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadado
  65. Enna Ayiye Enna by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadado
  66. When The Sun Shine (English) by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadado
  67. Kolompure Sriya by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadado (Originally Eddie Jayamanne)
  68. Pera Viruwan Gena by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadado
  69. Ammitath Thaaththitath by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadado
  70. Goroki Nakaa (Hindi) by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadado
  71. Lookey Ape Bambare by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadado
  72. Buddhag Jesu Ghandi by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadado
  73. Mawubimey Api Duu by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadado
  74. Sevanalle Oba Kawudoo by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadado
  75. Dance Lets Dance (Hindu) by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadado
  76. Punchi Wunath Loku by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadado
  77. Wooley Booley (English) by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadado
  78. Maame Mata Yamak by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadado & Niranjan Hettiarachchi
  79. Private Bus by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadado
  80. Tazen: Keley Raja by Ruwan Srilal Dalpadado
  81. Mama Bohoma Bayawuna (Different Version) by Maxwell Mendis
  82. Ratak Watinawa (Different Version) by Maxwell Mendis
  83. Mage Surathal Podi (Different Version) by Maxwell Mendis
  84. Ruwa Ethi Aaya (Different Version 1) by Maxwell Mendis
  85. Rae Wenakota Sohon by Maxwell Mendis
  86. Pokunen Naagena by Maxwell Mendis
  87. Three Blind Mice by Maxwell Mendis
  88. Nelum Obe Atha (Different Version) by Maxwell Mendis
  89. Maa Dhedi Kala by Maxwell Mendis
  90. Hela Helayi by Maxwell Mendis
  91. Tharuna Jeevithe by Maxwell Mendis
  92. Heen Sery Ape by Maxwell Mendis
  93. Saara Karamu by Maxwell Mendis
  94. Saadu Saadu Kiya Kiyaa by Maxwell Mendis
  95. Batahira Kowe Sinamaa by Maxwell Mendis & Susil Perera
  96. Thal Weten Ehaa by Maxwell Mendis & Mariazelle Gunathilake
  97. Surathal Hasarel by Maxwell Mendis & Mariazelle Gunathilake
  98. Mey Sampatha Mage by Maxwell Mendis
  99. Mal Kumari Duwa by Maxwell Mendis & Mariazelle Gunathilake
  100. Seeman Ayiya by Maxwell Mendis

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