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  1. Malathi Nubai by Lakshman Hilmi
  2. Ege Pem Suwandata by Lakshman Hilmi
  3. Samanala Paalama by Lakshman Hilmi
  4. Mata Kiyaapan Uma by Lakshman Hilmi
  5. Upan Jaathee Sadaa by Lakshman Hilmi
  6. Samanala Paalama by Lakshman Hilmi
  7. Hada Pethuwa Thani by Lakshman Hilmi
  8. Saaviye Sanda Hengilaa by Lakshman Hilmi
  9. Oya Daetha Mage by Lakshman Hilmi
  10. Seema Pawuren Watawuna by Lakshman Hilmi
  11. Thaniya Denenawaa Thun by Lakshman Hilmi
  12. Mata Mage Kaduwa by Lakshman Hilmi
  13. Sandey Ruwata Watha by Lakshman Hilmi
  14. Sandamaaliye Inna Mata by Lakshman Hilmi
  15. Maaley Bandaa Kendaa by Lakshman Hilmi
  16. Premayen Mulu Gathama by Lakshman Hilmi
  17. Dumriya Pola Wethata by Lakshman Hilmi
  18. Ridee Paata by Lakshman Hilmi
  19. Siwu Akuraki by Lakshman Hilmi
  20. Sondura Jeevithaye by Lakshman Hilmi
  21. Midule Weli Maaligawe (New Music) by Peshala Mendis
  22. Obe Neela Nethu by Peshala Mendis & Rohana Weerasinghe
  23. Maha Saagaren Ehaa by Peshala Mendis
  24. Maayawe Raathriye by Peshala Mendis
  25. Hiri Poda Wesse by Peshala Mendis
  26. Maha Paare Ekata by Peshala Mendis & Damith Mendis
  27. Seena Sandaelle by Peshala Mendis & Nimal Gunasekera
  28. Ege Ruwa Nisaa by Peshala Mendis
  29. Kandulellai Netha by Peshala Mendis
  30. Hee Serayak Wage by Peshala Mendis
  31. Mathak Wenna Sihinen by Romlus Perera
  32. Dum Wetiya Ohee by Romlus Perera
  33. Obata Hithena Dey by Romlus Perera
  34. Sangeethe Rasa Gangulai by Romlus Perera & ???
  35. Eathin Esenaa Ey by Romlus Perera
  36. Moohandakaare Wetee by Romlus Perera
  37. Kalaa Mediriya Mage by Romlus Perera
  38. Vikasitha Nayane by Gayashantha Ruberu & Irosha Manori
  39. Rathu Roosa Maley by Anura Wijesinghe
  40. Mangala Rathaye Hinduwaa by Shanika Wanigasekera
  41. Dorin Dora Evilenaa by Shalitha Abhayawickrama
  42. Pawan Relle Obe by Shalitha Abhayawickrama
  43. Praarthanaa Suba by Shalitha Abhayawickrama
  44. Pin Puralaawada by Shalitha Abhayawickrama
  45. Nihanda Unusum by Shalitha Abhayawickrama
  46. Sardarkaashe Oba by Shalitha Abhayawickrama
  47. Sonduru Sarasavi by Shalitha Abhayawickrama
  48. Sanda Saavi Sey by Shalitha Abhayawickrama
  49. Udawu Karannata Thaegi by Shalitha Abhayawickrama
  50. Guruthumani Mage Sonduru by Shalitha Abhayawickrama
  51. Bindu Bindu Kandulu by Shalitha Abhayawickrama
  52. Mal Wessey by Shalitha Abhayawickrama
  53. Sobana Chandra by Shalitha Abhayawickrama & Shanika Wanigasekera
  54. Malata Malin by Shalitha Abhayawickrama
  55. Rathu Roosa Maley by Anura Wijesinghe
  56. Vikasitha Nayane by Gayashantha Ruberu & Irosha Manori
  57. Mangala Rathaye Hinduwaa by Shanika Wanigasekera
  58. Supipunu Sugandha by Rodney Warnakula
  59. Mage Aadare by Senanayake Weraliyedda
  60. Tharuwak Wevee by Dayan Vitharana & Irosha Manori
  61. Eyage Ekaye (New Music) by W.D. Amaradeva & Victor Ratnayake
  62. Ese Mathuwena (First Version) by W.D. Amaradeva
  63. Paaramitha Bala (First Verion) by W.D. Amaradeva
  64. Wandimu Sugatha (First Verion) by W.D. Amaradeva
  65. Paaramitha Bala Pujitha by W.D. Amaradeva
  66. Obe Sinaa Mal (First Version) by W.D. Amaradeva
  67. Anoothaththa Vila (New Music) by W.D. Amaradeva & Amitha Dalugama
  68. Wasanthaye Nil Thanabim by W.D. Amaradeva
  69. Nim Him Sewuwa (New Music) by W.D. Amaradeva
  70. Malaanika Hiru (Film: Samuganimi Maa Semiyani) by W.D. Amaradeva
  71. Eka Pun Sandin (Film: Puja) by W.D. Amaradeva
  72. Galeka Mewuna Pilima (First Version) by W.D. Amaradeva
  73. Sasara Wasana Thuru (First Version) by W.D. Amaradeva
  74. Danno Budunge (New Music) by W.D. Amaradeva
  75. Maha Vessaka (Kabaya Irila) (New Music) by W.D. Amaradeva
  76. Weli Thala Athare (New Music) by W.D. Amaradeva
  77. Chandoo Maa Bilinde (New Music) by W.D. Amaradeva & Samitha Mudunkotuwa
  78. Pera Dinayaka (New Music) by W.D. Amaradeva
  79. Karadara Podibenda (New Music) by W.D. Amaradeva
  80. Wasanthaye Mal (New Music) by W.D. Amaradeva
  81. Ruhune Maha Devole by Wijayabandara Welithuduwa
  82. Naari Latha Deyhe by Wijayabandara Welithuduwa
  83. Sanda Milina Wee by Wijayabandara Welithuduwa
  84. Mage Hada Arane by Wijayabandara Welithuduwa
  85. Niwaaduwata Gamey Gihin by Wijayabandara Welithuduwa
  86. Sanda Rae Mage by Wijayabandara Welithuduwa & Eranga Indeewani
  87. Awasaana Lipiya Liyanna by Wijayabandara Welithuduwa
  88. Kiri Suwanda Pawaa by Wijayabandara Welithuduwa
  89. Himidiriye Supipunaata by Wijayabandara Welithuduwa
  90. Tharu Hinehena (Binaramali) by Wijayabandara Welithuduwa
  91. Obata Pem Kala by Wijayabandara Welithuduwa
  92. Numbe Ruwa Ima by Wijayabandara Welithuduwa
  93. Poth Mitiya Lemata by Wijayabandara Welithuduwa
  94. Himalayen Aa Pawan by Wijayabandara Welithuduwa
  95. Cherry Uyane Pipi by Sangeeth Wickramasinghe
  96. Galanna Galanna (TeleDrama: Ramya Nagaraya) by Indika Upamali
  97. Waadiya (TeleDrama: Waadiya) by Sunil Perera
  98. Baha Thoorana Punchi by Srimathi Thilakeratne & Keerthi Pasquel
  99. Mage Putha Sepata by Srimathi Thilakeratne
  100. Ayiye Mage Loku by Mariazelle Gunathilake

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