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  1. Mage Daese Kandulu (First Version) by Tudor Jayashantha
  2. Vilaka Nelum (First Version) by Tudor Jayashantha & Amitha Dalugama
  3. Mulu Nidi Yahanama by Tudor Jayashantha
  4. Thun Sithakinwath by Tudor Jayashantha
  5. Nisala Raeye Ganga by Tudor Jayashantha
  6. Kandu Mudune Sinaa by Tudor Jayashantha
  7. Jeevithe Mal Mee by Tudor Jayashantha
  8. Kasa Pupurana Handa by Tudor Jayashantha
  9. Nuga Gaha Yata by Tudor Jayashantha
  10. Sansaaraye Kohedido by Tudor Jayashantha
  11. Naaga Walli Dalu by Tudor Jayashantha
  12. Desuwa Amaa Dahama by Tudor Jayashantha
  13. Landen Wadinniya by Punsiri Soysa
  14. Mey Jeevithey Obe by Punsiri Soysa & Thyaga N. Edward
  15. Pera Dinaye Maa by Punsiri Soysa
  16. Sithata Sitha Dee by Punsiri Soysa
  17. Aadara Maage Putha by Punsiri Soysa
  18. Obama Rasa Powaa by Chandralekha Perera
  19. Mage Punchi Malleeta by Latha Walpola
  20. Warella Natalla by Freddy Silva
  21. Heen Saere Nuwan by H.R. Jothipala & Latha Walpola
  22. Ethin Etha Paaweela by H.R. Jothipala
  23. Daethe Bendee Ennakoo by H.R. Jothipala & Latha Walpola
  24. Podi Chooti Duwe by H.R. Jothipala
  25. Ran Ridee Nilmini by H.R. Jothipala
  26. Sihala Derane Jaya by H.R. Jothipala & Greshan Ananda
  27. Anandai Premaneeyayi by H.R. Jothipala & Latha Wapola
  28. Pem Pem Pem by H.R. Jothipala
  29. Hema Bhawayema Hamu by H.R. Jothipala
  30. Aashaa Raendu Daethe by H.R. Jothipala
  31. Bethi Puda Paamine by H.R. Jothipala
  32. Ape Aadare Suwa by H.R. Jothipala & Latha Walpola
  33. Magul Jaya Geethe by H.R. Jothipala
  34. Api Sansaara Gamaney by H.R. Jothipala
  35. Rae Thun Yaame by H.R. Jothipala & Latha Walpola
  36. Aadambarai Denethe by H.R. Jothipala
  37. Mey Rae Andure by H.R. Jothipala
  38. Rae Seetha Yaamey by H.R. Jothipala
  39. Kanda Udin Punchi by H.R. Jothipala
  40. Sandata Horaa by H.R. Jothipala
  41. Landen Wadinniya by Punsiri Soysa
  42. Ha Ha Nangi by Punsiri Soysa
  43. Paayan Prema Chandra by Punsiri Soysa & Sanjeewani Weerasinghe
  44. Maaya Devi by Punsiri Soysa
  45. Penewaa Mano Ramya by Punsiri Soysa
  46. Diwuraa Maa Hata by Punsiri Soysa
  47. Siripaa Muni Siripaa by Punsiri Soysa
  48. Pipenawaa Thawa Mal by Punsiri Soysa
  49. Nil Heera Lookey by Punsiri Soysa & Sajeewani Weerasinghe
  50. Maa Haa Ganthere by Punsiri Soysa
  51. Paayan Pahan Wan by Punsiri Soysa
  52. Mage Prema Kathaawe by Punsiri Soysa
  53. Nil Nuwan Kelum by Punsiri Soysa
  54. Senaseema Sathuta by Punsiri Soysa
  55. Oba Wewaa Maage by Punsiri Soysa
  56. Daethata Daetha by Punsiri Soysa & Kumudini Gunawardena
  57. Ma Baenda Aadare by Punsiri Soysa
  58. Sanda Rani Mage by Punsiri Soysa
  59. Aadara Daesin by Punsiri Soysa
  60. Pemwathi Maage by Punsiri Soysa
  61. Mage Namali (Different Version) by Haroon Lanthra
  62. Prithiyen Sathutin by Haroon Lanthra & Kanthi Manohari (Originally A.M. Raja & Jamuna Rani)
  63. Maewuwaada Kawuru Preme by Haroon Lanthra & Kanthi Manohari (Originally ??? & ???)
  64. Pem Hada Vimane by Haroon Lanthra
  65. Senasuma Sathutada by Haroon Lanthra
  66. Nayanawee Maage by Haroon Lanthra
  67. Koomala Priya Ambikaa by Haroon Lanthra & Latha Walpola
  68. Nisayuru Muthulal (Film: Nim Walalla) by C.T. Fernando
  69. Dasanthe Wasanthe by Lalith Ponnamperuma & Chandralekha Perera
  70. Rae Manamaali by Lalith Ponnamperuma
  71. Saagare Samawenaa by Lalith Ponnamperuma
  72. Awasan Diney Apa by Lalith Ponnamperuma
  73. Malmada Bisawun by Lalith Ponnamperuma
  74. Aasiri Geethikaa by Lalith Ponnamperuma
  75. Dangakaara Neth Salaa by Lalith Ponnamperuma
  76. Maa Daese Welee by Lalith Ponnamperuma
  77. Dineka Apa Hamuwuna by Lalith Ponnamperuma
  78. Sanda Ada Tharahawela by Lalith Ponnamperuma
  79. Ey Neela Daese by Lalith Ponnamperuma
  80. Thani Paalu Yaame by Lalith Ponnamperuma
  81. Mey Apa Wenuwen by Neela Wickramasinghe
  82. Pasasamu Wandimu Apage by Ivor Dennis
  83. Jeevithe Puraa Aadare by Anusha Nanayakkara
  84. Pemethi Devindun Yadimu by Jagath Wickramasinghe
  85. Paata Sarungal by Sisil Fernando
  86. Gawa Petawun by Rookatha Gunathilake
  87. Midi Wel Pokure by Sisil Fernando
  88. Dawasak Bethleheme by Jagath Fernando
  89. Mihiri Naththale by Jagath Fernando
  90. Rae Mediyam Yaame by Jaliya Ranathuga, Rookatha Gunathilake & Mareeta Gunathilake
  91. Tharu Didulana by Sanath Nandasiri
  92. Gawa Halakai Jesu by Reymond Fonseka
  93. Devinduge Mahimey by Wilbert Anthony
  94. Ekama Ahasak by Indrani Perera
  95. Jesu Obe Guna by Anusha Nanayakkara
  96. Ahasa Wethata Osawana by Rohana Weerasinghe & Indrani Perera
  97. Devindu Pihita Labaa by Anusha Nanayakkara & Ananda Weerasiri
  98. Jesu Pihitai Pathanne by Wilbert Anthony
  99. Pudami Obata Aadara by Indrani Perera
  100. Pidum Nothakaa Rengum by Rohana Weerasinghe

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