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  1. Sukiri Batillan (Instrumental) by V. Hemapala Perera
  2. Nayana (Instrumental) by V. Hemapala Perera
  3. Ahasa Polowa (Instrumental) by V. Hemapala Perera
  4. Senehasa Vindinata (Instrumental) by V. Hemapala Perera
  5. Beri Bara Karey (Instrumental) by V. Hemapala Perera
  6. Mulu Lowama (Instrumental) by V. Hemapala Perera
  7. Aaju Thapara (Instrumental) by V. Hemapala Perera
  8. Paaya Aaa Sanda (Instrumental) by V. Hemapala Perera
  9. Saendae Ahasa Wage (Instrumental) by V. Hemapala Perera
  10. Pinibara Yaamey (Instrumental) by V. Hemapala Perera
  11. Oba Depaa Dowaa (Instrumental) by V. Hemapala Perera
  12. Thaniwennata Mage (Instrumental) by V. Hemapala Perera
  13. Maa Haa Sinaasee by Greshan Ananda
  14. Maa Thani Yahane by Greshan Ananda
  15. Mal Mal Wasanthe by Greshan Ananda
  16. Nannaadunana Sansaara Weraley (Film: Yali Hamuwennai) by Greshan Ananda & Chandralekha Perera
  17. Esata Esa Hamuwena by Jagath Wickramasinghe
  18. Sinaa Sathu Oba by Jagath Wickramasinghe
  19. Pun Sanda Wennada by Jagath Wickramasinghe
  20. Weraley Rala Pela by Jagath Wickramasinghe & Indrani Perera
  21. Ay Neela Warala (First Version) by Dhanapala Udawatte
  22. Chiththarapata Sandeyshaya by Dhanapala Udawatte
  23. Hadalaa Daru Mallan by Dhanapala Udawatte
  24. Mey Elambena Suba by Dhanapala Udawatte
  25. Badinna Kasaada Badinna by Dhanapala Udawatte
  26. Maga Rendila Unne by Dhanapala Udawatte
  27. Sulanga Thadin Hamaala by Dhanapala Udawatte
  28. Ihala Gamey Walawu by Dhanapala Udawatte
  29. Maa Asarana Nae by Dhanapala Udawatte
  30. Anithaya Sey by Dhanapala Udawatte
  31. Oya Sinaa Muhuna by Dhanapala Udawatte
  32. Mage Daesa Waage by Dhanapala Udawatte
  33. Pera Dinak Thibuna by Dhanapala Udawatte
  34. Budu Guna Pethirewaa by Samitha Mudunkotuwa
  35. Vikasitha Sanda Kelum by Samitha Mudunkotuwa
  36. Lookalooka Thivaakara by Samitha Mudunkotuwa
  37. Minissunta Amathaka Wuna by Samitha Mudunkotuwa
  38. Anantha Loo Kathara by Samitha Mudunkotuwa & Jagath Wickramasinghe
  39. Neera Ranjana Waayu by Samitha Mudunkotuwa
  40. Aruna Tharuna Kirana by Samitha Mudunkotuwa
  41. Mawakage Unusuma (First Version) by K. Sena
  42. Thaththe Sudu Duwe (New Music) by C.D. Fonseka & Sharmila Fonseka
  43. Pem Lookey Raajini (New Music) by Susil Premaratne & Latha Walpola
  44. Shanthini (New Music) by Karunaratne Divulgane
  45. Wera Gampita Pansaley by Karunaratne Divulgane & Hemanthi Ranasinghe
  46. Nawa Sooriya Devi by Rohana Siriwardena
  47. Sandawathi Nethamba Salalaa by Upali Kannangara
  48. Gomari Petikkige Suukiri by Upali Kannangara
  49. Athuru Siduru Nethiwa by Upali Kannangara
  50. Aasiri Mangala Gee by Upali Kannangara
  51. Dan Denawaa Samahara by Upali Kannangara
  52. Niwan Pure Doratuwa by Upali Kannangara
  53. Mey Kaliyuga Kaaley by Upali Kannangara
  54. Sundarai Priye Jeevithe by Upali Kannangara
  55. Ran Maaley Gela by Upali Kannangara
  56. Kala Dutu Kala by Upali Kannangara
  57. Manusath Wesin Lak by Upali Kannangara
  58. Cricket Balen Pruthuvi by Upali Kannangara
  59. Adawan Digu Denetha by Upali Kannangara
  60. Pennala Aadare by Upali Kannangara & Nirosha Virajini
  61. Haddinnath Tharu Ganin by Priyankara Perera
  62. Sadhanaa Pem Maaligaa by Priyankara Perera
  63. Sudu Mal Pipena by Priyankara Perera
  64. Wassaana Sihinaye by Priyankara Perera
  65. Senehen Maa Haedu by Priyankara Perera
  66. Umayanganaa Oya Malhinaa by Priyankara Perera
  67. Maa Dingak Kathaa by Priyankara Perera
  68. Nelawenaa Thuru Madulu by Priyankara Perera
  69. Sudu Parevi Kirilliyak by Priyankara Perera
  70. Kumaariye Obe Sinaa by Priyankara Perera
  71. Sithaka Thiyena Aadare by Priyankara Perera
  72. Kikini Sinaa Nae by Priyankara Perera
  73. Manamaaliyak Wuu Diney by Priyankara Perera
  74. Mey Paaradeese by Priyankara Perera
  75. Komala Liyaa by Priyankara Perera (Originally Milton Perera)
  76. Jeevana Mey Gamana by Nirosha Virajini & Mohan Raj (Originally A.M. Raja & Jamuna Rani)
  77. Obe Sitha Maa by Kasun Kalhara
  78. Mangalley Naththal Mangalley by Maxwell Mendis
  79. Enna Baba Enna by Maxwell Mendis
  80. Kaala Balaa Salli by Maxwell Mendis
  81. Nona Mage by La Ceylonians
  82. Mey Lookey (Dilindo) by La Ceylonians
  83. Waasanaawen Yayi Piree by La Ceylonians
  84. Happy by La Ceylonians
  85. Punchi Baboo by La Ceylonians
  86. Tikiri Liya by La Ceylonians
  87. Sanda Res Dileyi by La Ceylonians
  88. Gang Iwure Maa by La Ceylonians
  89. Ruwan Mali by La Ceylonians
  90. Sath Samudura Meda by La Ceylonians
  91. Sukumalai Ege Sinahawa by Walter Fernando
  92. Dompe Aaya by Walter Fernando & Shakila Fernando
  93. Eya Ruwethi Landak by Walter Fernando
  94. Thada Welaa Hirawelaa by Walter Fernando
  95. Payin Yanne Eyi by Walter Fernando
  96. Sathuta Apata Genaa by Walter Fernando & Vernon Perera
  97. Yana Ena Thena by Walter Fernando
  98. Mangalika (New Music) by Walter Fernando
  99. Sobhawa Sampath Sapiruna by Percy Rajapaksa & Hesiri Fernando
  100. Suddata Rata Giya by Percy Rajapaksa & Hesiri Fernando

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