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  • Allah - Quran, Dua'a & Tawa'shih - Kissar el-Souar "Sheich Abdel-Basset Abdel-Samed", Guz'a Am'ma & Dua'a "Sh. Mohammed Gebril" & Tawa'shih "Sh. Nasr el-Din Tubar". (Added: 24-May-1999 Hits: 764)
  • Ban the LTTE from EU countries - petition to urge the European Union to declare the liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) as a terrorist organization and ban it from EU countries! (Added: 19-Sep-2005 Hits: 182)
  • Desabakthan - Desabakthan- a new voice of politicaly motivated Tamils. (Added: 20-Jan-2001 Hits: 420)
  • FOCUS Sri Lanka - FOCUS is a website that examines Christian evangelism in South Asia, with a particular focus on Sri Lanka. This website was created to function as a forum where people of all religious persuasions can communicate with each other over the issue of evangelism. (Added: 26-Jan-2004 Hits: 147)
  • Hela Lanka - About Ealam claim (Added: 15-Jun-2000 Hits: 494)
  • Hela Sri Lanka - About Ealam claim (Added: 15-Jun-2000 Hits: 463)
  • How to survive & fight terrorism - Arm yourself with knowledge! Now, like millions of other Americans, you can protect your family and friends against terrorism. How To Survive Terrorism is the only tool you'll need to keep safe during these unpredictable times. (Added: 12-Sep-2002 Hits: 167)
  • Human Rights & Tamil People - This is a virtual Library of Human Rights issues. If you or anyone you know has suffered human rights violations by Sri Lankan Govt. forces, please write to us. (Added: 29-Jan-1999 Hits: 556)
  • Lanka Chronicle - sri lanka's first electronic magazine founded by a well reputed journalist and pundit (Added: 18-Feb-2000 Hits: 470)
  • Mano Vidya - This is an attempt at creating a dialogue about the condition of mental health in Sri Lnaka and to familiarise Psychology to Sri Lankans. (Added: 19-Aug-1998 Hits: 558)

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