Posted by Dilini on August 20, 192001 at 09:08:53

One day a teacher decided to teach her 2nd grade class a new word today. She tells the class the word is definitly and that it,s meaning is no doubt,absolutely, and positive. She asks the class if anyone new a sentence with the word in it. She asks a girl called Susan who is at the back raising her hand.

Susan stands up and says the sky is definitly blue. Well Susie that is a good sentence but the sky is not always blue. Anyone else tom's hand flies up.Yes Tom the water is definitly clear that is also a good awnser but the water is not always clear sometimes it is muddy.

Anyone else. Finally little Robert slowly raises his hand, yes robert.'Can i ask a question' 'yes Robert.' Do farts have lumps 'no Robert'; why do you ask. Well then i've pooped my pants. [YUCK]

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